Outcome Assessment

As a result of treatment received at the Counseling Center:

a. A client will report on improvement in their cognitive, affective and/or behavioral patterns of functioning.

b. Clients who present with psychiatric, medical and learning disabilities will become more accepting of themselves and better equipped to advocate for themselves.

As a result of the consultation services provided by the Counseling Center Staff:

a. Clients will be afforded the most comprehensive care when indicated by the collaboration of treatment with health care providers outside of the University of Scranton.

b. Faculty, Staff and Administration will be provided the support guidance and information needed to care for the students of the University of Scranton.

c. Parents and family will be given the support and information they need to improve their understanding of their child’ behavior and to support that child during their time of stress and difficulty.

As a result of education/prevention services received at the Counseling Center, clients will:

a. Learn to identify and reduce risky alcohol-related drinking behaviors and implement useful harm reduction strategies.

b. This will be educated into understanding the proper use of and appropriate utility of psychotropic medication.