Dress To Impress!

Employers make judgments and form opinions of candidates within the first minute of an introduction. You really never get a "second chance to make a first impression." It is essential to present yourself in a neat, business-like and professional manner.


  • Conservative, two-piece, darker color or muted plaid business suit
  • White shirt, contrasting tie
  • Polished shoes, matching dress socks, and dark brown/black business shoes
  • Hair trimmed, neatly groomed, and dry - the same with facial hair
  • Light or no cologne
  • Conservative, simple jewelry - no earrings!


  • Business suit, skirted or pants, dark in color or muted plaid
  • Simple style blouse, white or soft color - no low necklines
  • Polished pumps or medium heels in a color that matches your outfit
  • A hair style that does not distract from your professional image 
  • Light or no perfume
  • Minimal jewelry
  • Understated natural makeup

If you don’t have a business suit with you on campus, please dress business casual! See below for a guide on business professional and business casual clothing.


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