Royals Safe Together

Pandemic Safety Ambassador Program

The University, as a whole, is engaged in an unprecedented response to a global pandemic in a way that exemplifies our commitment to delivering a quality education to our students. The challenge to keep each other safe through this pandemic is a shared responsibility shaped by individual decisions.  The first Guiding Principle of Royals Safe Together is to “…Protect the health and well-being of the entire University community and ensure that members of our community understand their individual role and responsibility in keeping themselves and others safe and healthy.”  

To further support this Guiding Principle, the University established a Pandemic Safety Ambassador program that will be overseen by the Pandemic Safety Officer.

The Pandemic Safety Ambassador (“Ambassador”) assists the Pandemic Safety Officer (PSO) in reminding students, faculty and staff of the requirements contained in the Royals Safe Together Plan.

Employees who are working on campus part or full-time are eligible to volunteer to serve as ambassadors so long as they are comfortable with the roles and responsibilities as outlined below, can continue to fulfill the expectations of their regular staff positions, and receive written approval from their supervisor. Students who were awarded work study but are not able to identify a position on campus, can also apply to serve as an ambassador.
Ambassadors need to understand the Royals Safe Together Plan, but they are NOT required to have any special knowledge of or experience in public health, law enforcement, emergency response, safety or facilities.

Ambassadors complete an approximately one-hour training provided by the PSO, and they must be comfortable interacting with members of the University community, be willing to contact the PSO or other designated University staff member to quickly address concerns to be eligible.  Ambassadors are volunteers (unless otherwise approved as work study).

The PSO or designee will provide volunteers and eligible work study students with an initial training that will last approximately one hour.  The training will be provided periodically throughout the fall. The PSO will schedule additional training sessions should guidance from the Royals Safe Together Plan change. 

The PSO will send out a training invitation for any employee who wishes to receive training as an ambassador. 

Students awarded work study funds, who are unable to find other work study jobs on campus, may also receive the training. The PSO will consult with Financial Aid to identify these students.

Staff are encouraged to speak to their supervisor before volunteering to train as an Ambassador because duties will take place during normal work hours. 

A list of all trained Ambassadors will be published on Royals Safe Together Website.

The PSO will develop a coverage schedule for ambassadors based on the availability of volunteers and University needs.  At the conclusion of the training, anyone trained will be asked to inform the PSO of their availability.

Most importantly, ambassadors are asked to lead by example, helping students, faculty, staff, and administrators understand how individual decisions shape our shared responsibility to keep each other safe as outlined in the University’s Royals Safe Together Plan. During their scheduled shift at their assigned location(s), Ambassadors should be prepared to remind members of the University community of the following:

  • Wear a paper or cloth mask compliant with Pennsylvania Department of Health Guidelines covering mouth and nose at all times both inside buildings and outside. Masks with vents are not permitted.
  • Practice social distancing by maintaining 6 feet of distance from others, especially when entering or existing classrooms and buildings and when crossing streets.
  • Complete the Wellness Self Screening Application questions.
  • Clean their desk/work areas and equipment with provided sanitizer wipes and take special care when using common and shared equipment.
  • Cooperate with University contract tracers if called.

Ambassadors will also be asked to: 

  • Carry and distribute masks to campus members who forgot, lost, or broke their masks while at their assigned station, or while walking on campus, or in buildings.
  • Contact Human Resources (faculty and staff) or Student Health Services (students) if they learn someone may have any COVID-19 related symptoms, tested positive or were potentially exposed to someone on or off campus that may be COVID-19 positive if the person had not already reported.
Ambassadors are empowered to educate colleagues on the Royals Safe Together Plan, helping to ensure its compliance by:

• Asking members of the University community to comply with the health and safety requirements in the Royals Safe Together Plan, especially wearing masks and maintaining social distancing on campus.

• Providing periodic reports of your observations of plan compliance to the PSO.

• Reporting non-compliance to the PSO directly or through the University’s established reporting process.