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Printing Services operates a high-resolution printer for posters and signs that have at least one side measuring 24 inches or narrower and has negotiated contracts with Off-Campus Printers who can produce posters and signs of virtually limitless dimensions.  Posters and signs can be manufactured using a variety of paper finishes and thicknesses, and can be mounted on cardboard, Styrofoam or corrugated plastic materials.

The base rate at the Print Shop machine is $5.50 per square foot using medium-weight gloss paper; most commercial options begin around $6.00 per square foot.  Other weights and finishes of paper, as well as mounting materials, are available at additional cost.  Most print-ready files can be processed in a day or so at the Print Shop.  Files requiring design or other technical assistance might take more time or involve additional costs.

Vendor-processed files usually require longer turnaround and can vary widely in cost depending on the technical and physical options required. 

Output-ready files can be sent attached to an e-mail with all the needed instructions and information normally included on a Printing Requisition to Printing@Scranton.edu.