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Environmental Scanning

Environmental scanning is a critical component to any good planning program.  Scanning is a process by which an institution looks outside of itself to identify emerging and continuing trends, changes, and opportunities in its wider environment.  Scans are used at the University to inform our SWOC analyses, whereby we identify internal strengths and weaknesses, and identify how those align with external opportunities and challenges to help us make informed decisions.  As part of this process, the University planning model applies the Jesuit practice of discernment - choosing between the many good things we could do to identify those we should do - to prioritize planning goals.

Several of the scans featured below hail from the SWOC processes for the University's 2005-2010 strategic plan development. Newer scans to support the current process for developing our next plan for 2015-2010 are also included here. This list will continue to be updated throughout this planning cycle.

About Environmental Scanning

Scanning Reports: 2015-2020

Environmental Scanning Analysis Summary, Strategic Plan 2015-2020 Development

Nontraditional Student Trends

Demographic Trends

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Brief

Scanning Reports:2005-2010

Affordability and Access

Local Economic Trends

Campus Diversity


Hispanic Population Trends

Legislative and Accreditation Trends

Public Perceptions of Higher Education

Demographic Trends

Technology and Student Learning

 Faculty Trends

Human Resources Trends

Issues in Student Retention Brief  


Planning & Institutional Assessment Studies and Reports

NOTE: Many of the studies conducted are for the confidential, developmental use of the University departments involved. Reports from these studies are not included on this web page. Additional reports conducted with the collaboration of the Office of Institutional Research are available on the OIR web page.

Annual Report System Review, 2013-14

Governance Assessments

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