UPC Subcommittees, 2014-2015

During the course of the 2014-2015 academic year, the University Planning Committee (UPC) is leading the University's work in developing a new strategic plan for 2015-2020.  To facilitate this process, three subcommittees of the UPC have been formed to serve as working groups through the late fall and Intersession periods. During this time, these working groups will explore the draft working themes of this new plan: engaged, integrated, and global. Each working group will refine goals and strategies within each of these areas, and measures of their success,in a report presented to the Provost in January 2015, which will then be reviewed by the full UPC during the spring semester. Each working group is chaired and staffed by UPC members, and others selected by each Chair. To view documents and materials, including meeting minutes, for each working group, visit the Strategic Plan 2015-2020 Development link at the left, or by clicking the group name below. View the charge to the subcommittees here

Throughout the spring 2015 semester, the UPC and the Planning & Institutional Effectiveness office will provide a variety of opportunities for the engagement of the larger University community in this process. Along the way, please share comments, suggestions, and feedback via email at planning@scranton.edu.  

2014-2015 UPC Subcommittee Membership:


Chair: Dr. Anitra McShea

Dr. Douglas Boyle

Dr. Paul Sung

Mr. Gerald Zaboski

Mr. Peter Portanova, Student Representative

Dr. Patricia Harrington

Ms. Lauren Rivera


Chair: Dr. Michael Mensah

Dr. Linda Ledford-Miller

Dr. Josephine Dunn

Ms. Robyn Dickinson

Prof. Kristen Yarmey

Rev. Ryan Maher

Mr. Aris Rotella


Chair: Dr. Joseph Dreisbach

Dr. Daniel West

Dr. Andreas Christopoulos

Dr. Ann Pang-White

Ms. Meg Cullen-Brown

LTC Joseph Wetherell

Ms. Mollie Vita

Mr. Edward Steinmetz

Subcommittee Minutes: 2014-2015

Engaged Integrated Global
November 24 November 20 December 3
December 8 December 18 January 8
January 7 January 30 January 13
January 15 February 16 January 20

January 20

February 27 Feburary 4

January 30

February 16

March 12

March 2