Strategic Plan 2015-2020: Materials and Timeline

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Foundational Documents

Foundational Documents:

University of Scranton Mission & Vision

Institutional Planning Principles

University Strategy Portfolio - Institutional and Strategic Support Plan Structure

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Environmental Scanning

UPC Strategic Plan Theme Subcommittee Narratives:



Spring 2015 Strategic Plan Campus Discussion, Review Dates

Below is a list of specific dates serving as milestones for campus discussion, review, and feedback to the draft strategic plan.

The list is not exhaustive, and does not include the meeting dates of  the three theme subcommittees of the University Plannign Committee, or the meeting dates of other strategic advisory groups, who are meeting throughout the spring months on this topic.

Campus Group Meeting Date
UPC Executive Committee January 27
UPC February 5
President's Council February 10
UPC February 19
President's Address February 19
UPC Executive Committee February 26
UPC March 5
Board of Trustees March 6
Alumni Board March 7
Staff Senate March 11
Faculty Senate March 13
Campus Community Survey March 20 through March 29
Office of Educational Assessment March 24
Alumni Board Survey March 26 through April 2
Student Senate March 27
UPC March 26
UPC Executive committee March 30
Faculty Forum April 7
President's Cabinet April 7
UPC Executive Committee April 10
Board of Trustees April 13
UPC April 16
President April 30
Final Draft Plan to Board of Trustees May 1
Plan Approved by Board May 8, 2015

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