Just for Fun: The Spring Concert

Planning the spring concert, front row, from left: Assistant Director of Student Activities and Orientation Michael Baumhardt and USPB chairs Elyse McCabe ’11 and Alex Rizzi ‘ 12. Back row, from left: Camille Valasco ’11, Nick Paganelli ’14, Billy Thomsen ’13, Brian McAvoy ’13 , Kristin Leccese ’11 and Dana Walsh ’12

A conversation with senior Counseling and Human Services major Elyse McCabe, Executive Chair of The University of Scranton Programming Board (USPB) from North Wales, PA, and junior Communication major Alex Rizzi, Head of Novelty and Variety for USPB from Orange Park, FL.


What is the Spring Concert and why is it so exciting?

AR: The Spring Concert is the largest and most anticipated event for students on campus. The University of Scranton’s Programming Board (USPB) puts on smaller concerts throughout the year, but the Spring Concert always brings popular musicians to campus. About 1,500 people attended the Brand New concert in 2010 and we expect a sell-out crowd of over 2500 this year.

EM: Because the artist is such a big name, we also keep it a secret, which adds to the excitement.

How are artists chosen?

EM: The student body has a big role in choosing which artists come to campus. Each year, students are asked to complete a survey that gauges popular interests. We try our best to bring in the most requested artist or someone within the same genre.

Why is this year’s artist such a big secret?

EM:  Sometimes the artists are lesser-know groups, but this year is really exciting because we were able to book a band whose name people will instantly recognize.

AR: Part of the fun of planning the concert is revealing the artist. We have a Facebook group with over 700 followers, students,  faculty, staff and recent alumni who are all waiting to hear who the artist will be this year.

So, who is the artist this year?

EM: This year's artist is B.o.B.  Most recently he performed with Bruno Mars at the Grammy's.  He is well known for a song called "Airplanes" featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore and "Nothin' on You" featuring Bruno Mars.  The concert will be held Friday, May 13th, in the Long Center.  You can learn more about B.o.B. on his website:

What role do students have in the planning and execution of the Spring Concert?

EM: USPB is an entirely student-run organization. As soon as the artist is announced, we invite students to help us with various aspects of the concert.

AR: Students can help on three committees: Security, Publicity and Hospitality. Those who volunteer with security will watch doors and take tickets; the Publicity committee will advertise the concert and the Hospitality committee will ensure that all the band’s needs are met.

When will this year’s concert be held?

AR: Friday, May 13th in the Long Center on campus.

How can students get tickets and how much do they cost?

AR: It is very inexpensive; tickets are $20 for students. USPB will even be offering $5 off coupons at their events leading up to the Spring Concert.

EM: Ticket sales begin the week of April 18th and will take place during the day and during dinner hours on the second floor of the DeNaples Student Center.  We will sell tickets until the day of the concert. Tickets will also be available online for the general public.

What to share with your student!

  • For more information on USPB Events, such as the Spring Concert visit the USPB website.
  • Students who want to get involved with planning events such as the Spring Concert can drop by the USBP Office on the 2nd Floor of the DeNaples Center, call 570-941-6233 or email

Bridget Saroff Public Relations Student Correspondent Bridget Saroff '11 is a communication major from Syracuse, N.Y.