An Interview with the Director of Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence


To help you learn more about the services available to your student through the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, Parent Relations talked with Director of the CTLE, Eugeniu Grigorescu to find out what students can expect from the center.

PR: What do you want students to know about the CTLE?

EG: First, I tell students that the services covered by the CTLE are paid for with their tuition dollars, so it’s very much something that they should take advantage. Second, students often think of tutoring and other types of academic help as remedial. All of our students at Scranton are very bright. We are focused on helping good students become excellent readers and writers. We want them to hone their study skills so they can be more successful in the classroom.

PR: What types of services does the CTLE offer?

EG: The CTLE offers a tutoring service, writing center, reading services and also helps students with technology such as Power point or website development. Our staff also assists students with disabilities who may need accommodation.

PR: Tell us a little more about your tutoring services.

EG: Students who seek tutoring will either be assigned to a small group or at times, an individual tutor. The CTLE also offers supplemental instruction for some courses. In this case, the tutor attends class with the students and then conducts review sessions. A student is welcome to seek tutoring support at any time during the semester.

PR: Tell us about the Writing Center.

EG: First, it’s important to understand the Writing Center is not an editing service. Students will benefit most from the center if they come in when they are beginning their paper, rather than when it’s complete. Staff help students with each stage of paper writing, from planning and organization to siting sources and editing.

PR: The CTLE also offers reading support for students. How can a student benefit from this?

EG: Students spend a lot of their study time reading. Our coaches help ensure that students are reading efficiently and purposefully. There are techniques we can teach students to help make sure they read in a way that helps them better comprehend the material they are studying.

PR: How can students access the CTLE?

EG: The CTLE is open Monday –Friday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, but the center is used by students for tutoring and other scheduled programs in the evening as well.  We’re located on the 5th Floor of in the Harper McGinnis wing of St. Thomas Hall, and are most easily accessed through the new Science Building. Students can walk in, call 941-4038 or email us at

 To learn more about the CTLE and the center’s staff visit their website. A more in-depth explanation of the CTLE’s services is available through a series of online brochures.