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Your Student's academic home at the University

Academic Support
The academic community at the University is ready to help your student reach  his or her goals. Learn more about the services available to your student including academic advising, pre-professional and honor programs.

Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE)
CTLE offers students a variety of support services including tutoring, help with reading and writing skills and assistance for students with disabilities.

Academic Catalog
In this catalog your student can find information on their college, the general education curriculum, their program of study and course descriptions.

FERPA & Third Party Access
Graduation from high school is an important milestone in life for children and their families. Parents who have become accustomed to dealing with schools in all matters, now must adjust to the fact that their student is no longer a child in the eyes of the law.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a set of federal regulations, applies to your student as well as the University they attend. The act makes certain guarantees to the student (not the parents of the student) about the privacy of their record. This means, the University needs your student’s permission to share their academic information with anyone, including their parents.

To learn more about FERPA visit the University’s student handbook

Because the University recognizes that students want to share information with their families, the University has created a third party authorization form that allows them to give you access to their academic and financial aid information.

Your student can fill out this form by taking the following steps:

Log in to

Choose "Student Tab"

Click on "Self Service UIS"

Under the Personal Information tab click "Third Party Authorization Form"

Click "Add New Authorization"

Assign a USERNAME (PLEASE NOTE USERNAME MUST BEGIN WITH P*) and PASSWORD (must be 9-15 characters, alpha numeric)

Complete the requested personal information regarding third party

Select the information you wish the third party to access

Notify the third party of the USERNAME and PASSWORD you create for them. 

Once you have received your user name and password from your student, you may visit and log in to see your student’s information.

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