A Campus Ministries retreat is time and space set aside as an opportunity to deepen one’s awareness of God’s Presence and to cultivate a healthy relationship with that Presence, both individually and communally. All students - graduate students, commuters, those practicing any religious tradition or none - are welcome to attend. We offer over two dozen different types of retreats. Learn more about them from these brief descriptions . And please contact the Campus Ministries office for more information or help in determining which retreat might be the best one for you at this stage of your faith development.

Spring 2022 Retreats 

Divinely Designed            February 11-13
Search                              February 18-20
Journey Through Lent    March 2 – April 10
A Desert Experience       March 12-17
Antidotes for Anxiety     March 25-26
Senior                              April 1-2
Social Justice                 April 8-9
Search                             April 22-24
Born to be Wild               April 30


Chapman Lake Retreat Center

The University's Retreat Center is located approximately 30-minutes from campus on picturesque Chapman Lake.lake The Center, complete with dining facilities, meeting rooms and overnight guest rooms, was constructed in 1998 and expanded eight years later. In November 2006, Blessed Peter Faber Chapel (now St. Peter Faber) was dedicated, a modern chapel complete with large window views of the Lake and the beautiful surroundings.

Directions to the Retreat Center

Register for retreats on Royal Sync. For questions or more information, visit the Office of Campus Ministries on the 2nd floor of the DeNaples Student Center.