CMS Tips and Best Practices

Creating a link

There are two type of links within the CMS: External and Internal

An external link is an asset that points to a website hosted outside of Cascade CMS.

Internal Links are links to internal pages/files within the CMS/website.

Internal Links are preferred over external links when you are linking to other pages within the University website. They will preserve the link if the link's location is moved or renamed. 

External Links

We’re always on the lookout for ways to optimize the user experience for visitors to our website. Please take a few minutes to read these CMS tips and put them into practice on your website. Thank you!

  • Only External Links should open in a new window. When using the Insert/Edit Link, there is a field called “Target.” Use “Same Window” if the link goes to a page on the Scranton website. Use “New Window” if the link goes to a page outside of the Scranton website.
    screenshot 1

    screenshot 2 
  • Populate all metadata tag fields (keywords, content and description) on all pages. Use descriptive keywords. Populating the metadata helps with search engine optimization! And it’s easy. In the Edit Tab, under Content, you will see a field for Inline Metadata. Just fill in the fields!
    screenshot 3 
  • Save images (photos) as 150 dpi instead of 72 dpi. This will provide for better viewing quality of photos on tablets.

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In-Context Editing

When viewing a page in Cascade CMS, every region will contain content. Some of it is static content, but some of it makes up the most important material you'll want to change on a page. All page-related content, particularly the most important content on a page, can be made editable while viewing the page and not only from the page's Edit screen.

Regions with editable fields will be highlighted when hovering over them. Click the Edit Content link to view a smaller, more focused dialog with editable content from that region. Make any necessary changes and click Preview Draft to see them updated on the page.

Avoiding content errors

An easy to avoid an error when copying and pasting content into the CMS is to paste as plain text.

  • Copy text and select Edit > Paste as Plain text
  • MAC: Command + Shift + V 
  • PC: CTRL + Shift + V

View more contents in folder

Folders show 20 items in the preview window by default. You can change the amount you view by selecting the dropdown at the top right of the preview pane and change the amount viewed.

step 1

step 2

step 3 

Bulk Move Assets

There's an option to move multiple items within a folder to another location in the CMS (if you have access to the final location). 

  1. Open into your folder with the content you wish to move in bulk
  2. Select the checkboxes of the items you wish to move
  3. Select the "Move" button icon at the top of the preview pane
  4. A sidebar will reveal on the right asking you to select a folder location to move items. This will be different for each user. 
  5. Select the folder you wish to move the items into and select MOVE on the top right.
  6. Confirm Move.

Another useful tip, if you create or visit the location folder before uploading, that folder will be top of your "recent" history tab and will be much easier selecting it to move rather than dig through "Browse"

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

Batch Upload images/files

You can upload multiple images and files exactly how you would for a single image/file. When selecting a new file



What's In-line editing?

Inline editing allows you to edit content by hovering over the area on the page you want to edit. you'll see a hover-over box that tells you the region name and an option to edit it.
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