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Meet our TSC student consultants! They are an important part of the Technology Support Center team, as they answer phone calls and in-person questions about a wide range of topics related to computing, technology, and other IT services.

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Headshot of Amanda


Class of 2020

Major: Biology and Neuroscience
Minor: Biochemistry

Hi! My name is Amanda, and this is my second semester working at the Tech Support Center as a student consultant. I am a current junior, Biology and Neuroscience double Major, and Biochemistry minor. I am currently on track to take the MCATs this summer, and hopefully start applying to medical school following that! I was made aware of the TSC through a good friend who currently works here as a student supervisor. They expressed to me what a warm and welcoming place it was to work, and I was definitely not disappointed. I came into this knowing very little, but my coworkers (student and full-time staff) have been very helpful in teaching me the ropes to everything that we do. I have had the opportunity to grow in my communication and problem solving skills, as well as in my ability to time manage.

In my spare time I work at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Scranton, PA as “emergency medical support staff.” In that position I work on call in support of a medical provider, in case there are any emergency cases (physical, sexual, or neglect) that must be seen as soon as possible. In addition to this, I work for the United Way with a program called ROAM (Remote Older Adult Monitoring). With this program I provide free monitoring of multiple health indicators like blood pressure, for individuals of an older age. I have had the opportunity to be involved in different clubs and organizations on campus including the Health Professions Organization (HPO), Scranton Neuroscience Society (SNS), and Circle K International. When I am lucky to be home I love spending time with my mom, sister, and my pup Manny :)

One of the things I love the most about Scranton is how much they encourage you to do things out of your comfort zone. For me that has included doing things like going on retreats, and participating in an ISP trip to the Dominican Republic in 2018. But it has also included challenging myself to add a double major, as well as start working here at Tech Support. I think the TSC is a great place for any student looking for a manageable work-study opportunity. I have had a great experience so far and I can only imagine that I will continue to learn more and grow as an individual in my time here.

Headshot of Breanna


Class of 2021

Major: Finance
Minor: Electronic Commerce

Hi, my name is Breanna, and this is my second year working at TSC. I’m a sophomore here at the U, my major is Finance and thinking about a minor in Electronic Commerce. My favorite thing about working at the TSC is actually helping faculty and students with their tech issues. Another favorite thing is the atmosphere that the staff/student creates, and it makes me want to come into work because I know I will have a good time.

To pick a favorite movie is almost impossible for me because I love so many, if I am in the mood for a comedy, I would watch something like Game Night or Hangover. But if I was in the mood for action, I would do Red and Red 2, if you watch one you have to watch the other one there’s no argument there! My favorite artist hands down is Beyoncé, there is no one out there as well rounded as she is, great performer, great vocalist and just all around amazing. Drake and Big Sean are a few others that I am a big fan of.

If I am not at work or doing homework I love to just hang out with my friends and just talk and chill or I love to watch a multitude of YouTube videos ranging from Buzzfeed vids to makeup to dances. My favorite thing about the university is how everyone here is all about helping each other and how it is just like a one big community. I’ve met someone many people who I would consider to be lifelong friends. Working at the TSC allows you to meet new people and be highly engaged in the community of Scranton. If you ever consider getting a job on campus TSC is the place.

Headshot of Cameron


Class of 2020

Major: Forensic Chemistry
Minor: Criminal Justice

I've been a student consultant since July 2015 after being introduced to it via a friend who already knew people there. Becoming a student consultant was one of the best things I did freshman year as the strangers I worked with then have now become like a family to me.

So a little info about myself: My favorite movie is probably “Arrival”, you just have to love movies that really turn your head on a dime. “Highly Suspect” has to be my favorite artist with “Mister Asylum” being my favorite album. In my spare time, I like to read the backlog of books I have and play DnD with my friends.

My favorite thing about the University of Scranton is that it has allowed me to get to know many different people despite it being such a small campus. The closeness of the community is appealing and the fact that you'll probably know at least everyone in your major by the end of senior year is heart-warming. Working at the Technology Support Center is something everyone should at least try. It helps foster valuable experience for the future such as communication skills among others. It is also a fun place to work and the people you meet become like a family to you.

Headshot of Josh


Class of 2021

Major: Journalism and Electronic Media

Hello! I'm Josh, and I've been working at the TSC since April of 2018. I'm currently a Journalism and Electronic Media major, with a concentration in Broadcasting and Electronic media. I'm also hoping to add a double major in Philosophy. I have a deep love for art - especially music and film, so I figured being part of the process through production would be perfect for me. I am a diehard Kanye West fan, and I also very much so love Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, and Fishmans. My favorite album from last year was "Aviary" by Julia Holter, she is a lovely musician that I tell everyone to listen to when they ask me for recommendations! These artists, and more like them, remain the reason I am constantly passionate and inspired with regard to music. They've cemented my want to be part of all music I can get my hands on - listening to or making it.

I actually make music myself under the pseudonym Saint Grizzly! I've just put out my very first album "Faces", self-published on all streaming services I could get my hands on. Along with all this music, my favorite movies include Spike Jonze's "Her", Andrei Tarkovsky's "Stalker" and the absolute classic that is Scorsese's "Goodfellas". If you've not had the chance to check any of these out, I think you'll have a great time with them.

I've had a wonderful time being a student consultant - the community is incredibly receptive to the work we do, and are always abundantly kind. The people I've met people working here in the TSC, and in the wider University community, constantly amaze me with their kindness, talents, and knowledge. If you're considering working here - I can't say it enough - apply! It's one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had, and I know others who feel the same way.

Headshot of Denise


Class of 2021

Major: Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
Minor: Psychology

Hi! I have been a student consultant since the summer of 2017, so about a year and a half now! What I like about being a student consultant is that I enjoy being able to help students, faculty, and staff with any technology issues they run in to! I am able to meet other students and get to know some of the faculty and staff.

My favorite movie is Elf! Some would classify it is a Christmas movie, but I think of it more as a year-round movie! My favorite band is Coldplay! I was lucky enough to see them in concert and even snuck up to the 6th row VIP section…best night EVER. My favorite hobby is shopping, anywhere from going to the mall, to online shopping, to grocery shopping! My favorite thing about the U of S is the close-knit feeling! Everyone around campus is so nice. I instantly bonded with my classmates, and the faculty and staff and super approachable and really strive to help you succeed! I found it extremely easy to get involved and everyone is always so welcoming.

Come be a part of the TSC family! I have made such great friends here and shifts are never boring! I really look up to my upperclassman co-workers. They have helped me so much and I know I can always go to them for anything! TSC really is one big happy family!

Headshot of Sergey


Class of 2019

Major: Biochemistry, Cell, and Molecular Biology; Biomathematics
Minor: Computer Science

I have been a student consultant since November 2015, so almost three years!

When it comes to what I like about being a student consultant, I thoroughly enjoy being able to help individuals that are having technological issues. Throughout my work shifts, people come up to the desk and are lost as to how to solve their problem and they are always grateful when the issue is resolved. I also like the environment of working at the desk with all the other staff and students. When I first started out, everyone was incredibly helpful and welcoming which made my helpless days as a new worker much easier.

It is difficult to pick one favorite movie with the abundance of great movies in such different genres. One movie that always comes to my mind, however, is Big Hero 6. There’s just something about that intelligent marshmallow that makes me love that movie.

My favorite band is Panic! At the Disco. I saw them the summer before junior year for the Death of a Bachelor tour and it is still one of the best concerts I have been to. I also am a big fan of Post Malone and Childish Gambino.

When I’m not studying, doing homework, or doing something else on campus I like to play video games. Some of my favorite games are Ratchet and Clank and Minecraft.

One of the things that I love about the University of Scranton is the community and the people! The campus is fairly small, so it is easy to get involved in the community whether that entails joining clubs, enjoying campus events, or getting to know your professors. I appreciate being able to see people I know throughout the day.

The TSC is a great job to get involved with if you want to help others and constantly be learning something new. Throughout your time at the TSC, you will meet professors and staff from every inch of campus. Often, you’ll be saving their day as you fix whatever issue they have, and it is always rewarding to see their face light up as the issue is resolved. Also, it is not a job where you will be sitting around with nothing to do all the time. There is always at least one thing to grab your attention during your shift whether it is answering the phone, helping someone at the desk, or heading out to a classroom. It is also a great way to discover all sorts of different places on campus as you’ll eventually be sent to every part of campus to help with a technology issue.

Headshot of Ryan


Class of 2019

Major: Electronic Commerce
Minor: Business Analytics

Hey! I'm Ryan and I'm entering my final year at the University and working at the TSC. I started working here halfway through my first semester. I had to find a work study position and upon clicking every link on the University website stumbled upon the Information Technology Department and the student consultant application form. Although not a computer science major, which a lot of people think you have to be to work here, I felt like I'd be a good fit. I worked sparingly my first year due to a part time job at a restaurant, but I enjoyed working here much more so I started to pick up more shifts and eventually I became a student supervisor. Being a student supervisor has been a rewarding experience for me as I've been able to meet people on campus I otherwise wouldn't of met. Forming relationships with professors and faculty on campus is something I'd encourage everyone to do, but it was made much easier for me by working this job. Additionally, I've drastically improved my communication skills particularly when it comes to customer service because of my experience troubleshooting tech-related issues over the phone.

In my downtime I love to discover new music. Whether through social media, recommendations from friends, SoundCloud or random Apple Music playlists I'm always on the prowl to find a new artist or hit song. My dream job is to be a part of a record label/artist collective to help discover new talent and manage artists. Some of my favorite artists right now are Nick Grant, Medasin, H.E.R., Daniel Caesar, HONNE, Moneybagg Yo and Gunna. Other hobbies I have include trading stocks/cryptocurrencies in part of self-managing my portfolio. I also love to play pickup basketball at the Byron Center whenever I can. As for movies it's hard for me to pinpoint any particular favorites so I'll say I'm really enjoying the Marvel Cinematic Universe and historically I love almost every movie directed by Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese. Also I'm proudly a long suffering New York Jets and Mets fan.

I'm from Parsippany, NJ and it's a very cliche answer I know, but my favorite thing about New Jersey has got to be the pizza and bagels. Not to slander Scranton or anything, but it's simply not the same here. My favorite thing about the University of Scranton is the close-knit community. I've met lifelong friends here and established connections that will help further me in my career. I doubt that I could confidently say that if I went to any other university. Lastly, if I haven't convinced you already that you should work at the TSC, it's been a highlight of my college experience and I'll be happy to help show you the ropes. I hope to see you around!

Headshot of Cara


Graduate, Class of 2020

Major: Biochemistry

I jumped into the TSC as a consultant right at the beginning of the fall semester of my freshman year. I am a local kid, so I actually found out about the TSC from a former student supervisor that I befriended when I attended a University event during my senior year in high school! I worked as a consultant all throughout undergrad; as a busy pre-med the TSC was very flexible with my demanding schedule, which I am grateful for. I became a supervisor when I graduated in May 2018. As a supervisor, I am able to expand even more upon my role as a teacher to the other consultants and to our customers at the TSC. I like how this job allows me to interact with virtually every aspect of the University—from to helping a faculty member with their computer to making sure that a club’s event has all of the equipment it needs.

One of my biggest passions is learning foreign languages. As a result, I have acquired quite a few favorite foreign artists and movies. I love horror and psychological thrillers, so I am a fan of all of the classic American horror movies. My favorite foreign horror film is called Cello, which is Korean. I also have quite a broad range of music interests… my Spotify playlist would be sure to confuse you, so I will spare you the details. Another favorite pastime of mine is playing strategy video games to keep my brain sharp. I love the Fire Emblem and Persona series, so if you want to win the way to my heart you can just talk to me about them.

During my time at Scranton, I have been able to explore a lot! I studied abroad for a month in Mexico my sophomore year and a semester in South Korea my junior year. In Mexico, I lived with an amazing host family and climbed the ancient Aztec temples in Teotihuacan. In South Korea, I traveled the streets of Seoul, ate amazing spicy street food, and fed my love for K-pop. If you’ve heard of the uber-popular group BTS, that is just a small snippet of the world of K-pop. K-pop artists are more than just singers…they’re performers, TV personalities, cultural ambassadors, actors, and influencers. I even got to see my favorite artist (Ken from VIXX, in case you were curious) perform in a musical. That really tested my Korean listening skills!

My favorite thing about the University of Scranton is its strong sense of community. I even found Scranton family in Korea! The TSC has allowed me to become even more involved in the University community. I have met so many great people here. As a future doctor, I also find both the diagnostic and interpersonal skills that I learned as a tech support consultant extremely valuable. You do not have to be a computer science major to work here!

Headshot of Kody


Class of 2021

Majors: English and Philosophy
Concentration: Asian Studies | Minor: Japanese

Heya, I'm Kody! I started working at the TSC as a student consultant at the beginning of the fall 2017 semester, then became a supervisor just before the summer of 2018. I love working at the TSC because I'm able to help so many people with so many different things! If I never had this job, I doubt during my time here I would have met even half of the people I've helped while working here, and I probably would've never gone to so many different places around campus, either. I get to help people and learn something new in almost every problem I work to solve, it's wonderful!

I'm too indecisive to pick an absolute favorite movie, but some of my favorites include the Blues Brothers, Logan, Spider-Man 3, and Black Dynamite! My absolute favorite musical artist technically isn't one artist, but many artists in one collaborative YouTube channel by the name SiIvaGunner (that's with a capital "i", not a lowercase "L"). The genre? Well, it's certainly miscellaneous... look it up sometime if you want to know exactly what I mean! My favorite video game is MOTHER 3, the EarthBound sequel that was never released outside of Japan. Ever see Lucas in Super Smash Bros? MOTHER 3's where he came from! MOTHER 3 is part of the reason I've become so interested in the Japanese language and Japanese culture, so I hope you'll try it sometime. My favorite hobby is doing anything that allows me to have a creative outlet. Whether it's photography, editing videos, playing competitive games, making music, or writing, if it's creative, I love doing it!

My favorite thing about the University of Scranton is the community we have here among everyone: students, professors, and staff! We all contribute a small part of what makes our community so awesome to be involved in, and I think the TSC is a great part of that! Consider a job working here, it really is a blast! You can help your school, meet new people, engage with another part of your school community, and learn more than in a student job anywhere else on campus, I guarantee it.

Headshot of James


Class of 2019

Major: Computer Science

I have been a student consultant since October 2015 and student supervisor since November 2016. Being a consultant is great, and the people around here make it feel like a family. But being a supervisor is a special privilege, it’s like we’re a part of an elite crew, and it’s a whole new level of comradery.

My favorite movie is either Star Wars Episode V, or Rogue One, a Star Wars Story.

My favorite band or performance artist… for a specific album, Fleetwood Mac during Rumors, but in general, the whole of Queen.

My favorite hobby is sitting by a fire with my best friends talking until the sun comes up.

Will robots take over the world? It’s an inevitability, and one we must take precautions for.

My favorite thing about the University of Scranton is the friends I’ve made here that I’ll never forget, including the ones who already graduated.

Other students should consider employment at the TSC because it’s not just some job. You truly get to know everyone here and I’m not kidding when I say it’s like a family. Some of my closest friendships came from behind this desk.

Headshot of Zach


Class of 2018

Major: Computer Science

I have been a student consultant and supervisor 4 years… the first two as a consultant and the last two as a supervisor.

What I like about being a student supervisor is that I really enjoy the fact that other students look up to me. I like to think that I’m available for any questions or comments that other students have. The position allows me to get to know the other student workers and their stories. Everyone has a different background that they bring to the TSC and the best way to understand that is to be able to talk and get to know them.

My favorite movie is Blade Runner 2049.

I think the best thing about socks and shoes are the way they express your personality. You can wear crazy socks and a clean pair of sneakers and it’ll look good.

I love to run. It really helps when you just want to clear your head from school or work.

My favorite thing about the University of Scranton is that I love the atmosphere. The people on this campus are like one big happy family.

Other students should consider employment at the TSC because it is honestly the best job on campus. The people that you get to know because of the job is amazing. I have met the most amazing students, faculty, and staff through the TSC. You also get to play with the equipment, which no one else is allowed to do.

Headshot of Amanda


Class of 2018

Major: Chemistry
Minor: Math

Hey, I’ve been working at the TSC for 3 years! What I enjoy most about working at the TSC is learning about new technology and the ability to fix computers.

My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. Who doesn’t love Patrick Swayze?

Let me tell you a chemistry joke. Two guys walk in a bar. The first one asks for an H2O. The second one asks for an H2O too. The second one dies. (H2O2…haha)

My favorite hobby is playing racquetball every Monday night. I always win.

I was asked to decide between Foreigner and Boston. Foreigner. ALWAYS. Lou Gramm had a stroke and is still killing it today, both touring with the band and on solo tours. Plus he’s the nicest guy ever, and has been inducted in the singer/songwriter hall of fame for (IMO) the world’s best songs to sing along too. Boston is definitely a good band but Foreigner is *perfection*.

My favorite thing about the U of S would be the comradery. It’s super easy to meet new people and everyone is supportive.

COME WORK AT TSC! Being a chemistry major, I only have about seven people in my major and don’t have the opportunity to branch out. Ever since working here, I’ve met people from all different grades and majors, and the student consultants are like a big family.

Headshot of Avish


Graduate, Class of 2018

Major: Software Engineering

I have been a student consultant for one year and about seven months. What I like most about being a student consultant is that I get to help solve issues from students, and whoever calls or comes down for help.

My favorite movie is the complete Harry Potter series while my favorite hobby is badminton.

I am an international student and I get to experience best of both worlds. I come from India, and I have discovered many new things while experiencing something new every day in this foreign land. I like to share my experiences towards the differences in culture and ways of living, which is a great learning curve for me.

My favorite thing about the University of Scranton is that there are so many wonderful activities happening around the campus every week, where I get to meet different kinds of students whenever I attend such events.

Why should other students consider employment at the TSC? The TSC as whole is a great place to work and improve your communication skills and knowledge about technology used in day-to-day activities at the University. The Technology Support Center helped me learn about new electronic devices that I never knew existed. Everyday becomes an adventure to complete the tasks on the daily sheet, which is a lot of fun.

Headshot of Christine


Class of 2021

Major: Finance
Minor: Sociology

Hi! My name is Christine and I am a first-year student. I became a student consultant last Fall, about six months ago. What I enjoy most at the TSC is helping people resolve issues. Even if it is something as simple as connecting a laptop to our wireless network, you know that you have made that person’s day a little better.

My favorite companion animals are cats. In my spare time, I enjoy sleeping, playing video games with my friends. My preferred character to play in Overwatch is a toss-up between Reaper, Ana, and d.Va right now.

I love the University community. For the most part, everyone is super friendly and willing to help if you ask.

Why should other students consider employment at the TSC? You learn some pretty neat things about the University. In addition, Kathy, she is really fun to listen to.