IT Resources and Training Materials

IT Services has developed an IT Resources and Training course in D2L that will gather instructions and resources concerning campus technologies. Desire2Learn (D2L) is the University’s learning management system. This platform is ideal because of its versatility. It allows us to reference online articles, gather documents and videos all in one central location.

All faculty and staff can access this resource. Although D2L is easy to navigate, we will be offering training during Fall 2017.

Access the IT Resources and Training Course

  1. Log into the My.Scranton portal
  2. Select the "book" icon in the top right of the portal (if you go over it with your mouse it will say LMS)
    (this will open a new screen)
  3. At the top, click Select a Course
  4. Select IT Resources and Training
  5. Click the Content link at the top of this page to review the online documentation
  6. Once you are on the Content page, review the Table of Contents to navigate to the desired topic