Secure the Sauce: Be a Cyber Hero

Employees, while sometimes considered the weakest link in an organization's cyber defenses, are in reality, the most powerful shield a company can leverage against cyberattacks. Join us during October to defend the University against cyber criminals by participating in our Secure the Sauce Scavenger Hunt. Weekly challenges reinforces valuable key security policies.

Secret Sauce Celebration

Join us on Tuesday, October 26 between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. in the TDC Ballrooms. Stop in to uncover who solved the weekly challenges and saved the Secret Sauce. Come for activities, giveaways and prizes. Stay to enjoy a light breakfast (eat-in or take-out)!

Let us know you are joining us!

game-rules---empty-shield.png The Secret Sauce Corporation Needs Your Help!

The Secret Sauce Corporation has been hit by a ransomware attack and their famous sauce recipe has been stolen! You’ve been hired as the digital forensics investigator who needs to complete four cyber challenges to help TSSC get the secret recipe back in safe hands.

Before You Start

  • These cyber challenges are played on the internet.
  • Recommended browsers: Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox.
  • Each weekly challenge should take less than 15 minutes; most users complete the challenges is 5-8 minutes. We suggest you complete each challenge in its entirety.

How to Play

  • To move between scenes within the game, use the Next, Back, and directional navigation buttons
  • Use your keyboard to enter clues into designated boxes; if a clue has more than one number, enter only the first number
  • To review these game rules again, select the menu icon in the top-right corner
  • All clues have 3 hints; use the Hint button beside each clue if you need more help. WARNING: Using hints and entering incorrect clues will deduct points from your overall score; the third hint reveals the clue and therefore NO points are earned for that clue • Your first completion of this challenge is what will be recorded for your final score for reporting. Your score will be presented at the end of this challenge.
  • Your time will be recorded for this challenge along with your total points.
  • You may print the rules for reference.


  • Complete each weekly assignment for a chance to win. Weekly prizes based on play time, number of correct responses and number of hints distributed. Scoring is based on the “active time” in a challenge. When a learner reaches the first clue, the active timer is started. The active timer is stopped when the learner successfully responds to the last clue in the challenge. The timer does not run in the introduction-instructions section or the post-clues wrap-up.
  • Grand Cyber Hero prize will be celebrated based on having completed all challenges during the four weeks.
  •  All winners (weekly, grand and second/third) will be announced and celebrated during the Secret Sauce Celebration on October 29 from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Stop in to uncover the Cyber Hero winners and enjoy a light breakfast (eat-in or take-out)!


challenge-1-shield.png The Hunt is on...time is of the essence... Will you be the Next Cyber Hero and help Secure the Sauce? Play the Game here...

The challenge will be revealed October 4.

challenge-2-shield.png What have you done today to help secure the secret sauce? Don’t forget to play the Secure the Sauce Scavenger Hunt and become a Cyber Hero!

The challenge will be revealed October 11.

challenge-3-shield.png Tick Tock.. Time is almost Up!!! Will you be able to save the sauce? Hurry up and finish the game before the sauce is lost forever.

The challenge will be revealed October 18.

challenge-4-shield.png The end of our gameplay is almost near... but there’s still time to solve the case and help Sebastian Sauce recover the prized secret sauce recipe. Be sure to finish the game today!

The challenge will be revealed October 21.