University Dropbox Accounts Are Transferring to OneDrive for Business


We will be transitioning file storage for faculty from Dropbox to Microsoft O365 OneDrive.  In consultation with the Faculty Technology Advisory Committee (TAG), it was recommended to begin this process in late November and plan for the completion of the file migration through January. 

To ensure the successful transfer of files, we ask that you review the following steps so we may plan how to best assist you: 

I want to transfer my own files: 

  1. Complete the Dropbox File Transfer Form to let us know that you will be transferring your own files. 
  2. Follow these instructions to transfer your files to OneDrive.  
  3. If you were sharing files with others, you can add permissions to them.

I want IT to transfer my files for me: 

  1. Review the information on folder properties below.
  2. Complete the Dropbox File Transfer Form to request that IT transfer your files for you to OneDrive. The Technology Support Center will enter a RoyalITSupport ticket to start the process after reviewing your request. 

Additional Information:  

Q: When sharing files - will the folder properties in Dropbox migrate with the folder to OneDrive?  

The Microsoft Mover tool that IT uses will pull over internal permissions – i.e. if the file/folder is shared with specific people in the University. But it does not pull over external permissions (i.e. files shared with someone outside of the University or with an anonymous link).  

If you are collaboratively sharing folder(s) with others outside of the University, you can do the following: 

  • If you are moving your own files:once you have moved your files to OneDrive, add permissions to them. 
  • If you are requesting that IT move your files:IT will need to work with you to list out what folders have external permissions and replicate that. You will need to indicate this on the Dropbox File Transfer Form OR you can add permissions once we have moved your files. 

Q: What if I merged personal Dropbox accounts with the Scranton account. How can I undo that? 
If a user had a personal Dropbox account with their address, they were presented with some options by Dropbox when we invited users into our Dropbox instance. The options were to either merge the accounts or rename their personal account to use a different email address (i.e. a Gmail or other personal address). 

In order for you to maintain a personal Dropbox account: 

  1. Move your files to OneDrive or any other storage location or enter a request to have IT move your data.
  2. Email techsupport@scranton.eduto inform us that you have moved your files so we may delete your university account (a request will be entered on your behalf by TSC staff). 
  3. Once you receive confirmation that your university Dropbox account has been deleted, you can recreate a personal account using your address (or a personal email address).

If you have any questions, please contact me or the Technology Support Center at 570-941-4357 or