President's Search

Search Committee

Search Committee Chair

Christopher M. Condron ’70, Chair of the Board, ex-officio member of the Committee

Representatives from the Board of Trustees

Mary Beth Farrell ’79
Francis J. Pearn ’83
Karen L. Pennington, Ph.D. ’76
Otto Hentz, S.J.

Representative from the Administration

Joseph Dreisbach, Ph.D.

Representative from the Alumni Society

John Lanahan, Esq. ’84

Representatives from the Student Body

Rita DiLeo ’11
Michael Molitoris ’11
Marie Libassi ’12

Representatives from the Faculty

CAS – George Gomez, Ph.D.
KSOM – Nabil Tamimi, Ph.D.
PCPS – Marian Farrell, Ph.D.
At-Large – Kevin Nordberg, Ph.D.

Representative from the Professional Staff

Anne Marie Stamford

Representatives from the Clerical and Maintenance Staff

Nancy Laffey, ex-officio, non-voting member
Todd Parry, ex-officio, non-voting member