Student Financing Success Program

The University of Scranton’s Student Financing Success Program is a comprehensive financing assistance program providing guidance to students and their families to better meet college educational expenses. The program is administered by our Student Financing Counselor who oversees all components of the program and monitors students’ continued financing of educational expenses.
  • Financial Literacy Programplus or minus

    • Financial literacy is the education and understanding of various financial areas including topics related to personal finance.
    • Our program examines student loan repayment programs, personal budgeting, credit scores and other pertinent personal finance topics.
    • The goal is to make sure students have the tools and resources to make intelligent financial decisions while attending, as well as to prepare to begin careers after graduation
  • Program Benefitsplus or minus

    • Hands on counseling to ensure students have a viable “game plan” to finance college educational expenses.
    • Understanding personal finance pays a lifetime of dividends.
    • Learn life skills that enable you to reduce debt and improve your financial future.
  • Online & Real-World Engagementplus or minus

    • Online trainings that will assist you in making informed financial choices.
    • Access to calculators, quizzes, articles and videos.
    • On-campus programs to further explain specific topics, such as the pros and cons of using credit cards.
  • Book & Supply Awardplus or minus

    A component of the Student Financing Success Program is the awarding of a Book & Supply Award to assist freshmen entering fall 2020 who qualify for the Federal Pell Grant. This award provides a $500 deposit on your Royal Card (student ID) each fall and spring term. The Royal Card may be used for campus purchases as noted below:

    • University Bookstore
    • Campus vending machines and laundry facilities
    • Weinberg Memorial Library copying, printing and fax machine services
    • All University Dining facilities and on-campus convenience stores
    • Special event tickets
    • And more...
    The Book & Supply Award is available for a maximum of eight terms. Review the back of this page to learn more about the qualifications and conditions for the Book & Supply Award.
  • Book & Supply Q&Aplus or minus

    How will I receive my Book & Supply Award?
    Provided all qualifications are met, the $500 Book & Supply Award will be deposited onto the Royal Card (student ID) the first week of classes for each fall and spring term.
    Is the Book & Supply Award available for more than one year?
    Yes, as long as the qualifications are met, you will be able to receive this award for a maximum four years, or eight terms.
    Do I need to qualify for the Federal Pell Grant in future academic years in order to qualify for the Book & Supply Award?
    No, however you must meet all of the other conditions, as noted in the sample agreement.
    Can I use my Book & Supply Award to help pay my tuition, housing, or meal plan expenses?
    No, the Book & Supply Award is meant to assist with the additional costs that are associated with attending college.
    If I lose the Book & Supply Award, can I regain for future terms?
    Yes, but you will be responsible to provide a written request to the Student Financing Counselor and complete any assigned requirements.
  • Initial Enrollment Qualificationsplus or minus

    • Meet all requirements for the Federal Pell Grant Program as an incoming first-year student.
    • Confirm enrollment by submitting your deposit at status by May 1.
    • Acknowledge agreement to terms of award by June 1.
    • Complete all FAFSA verification requirements prior to June 1.
    • Submit a Family Financing Plan worksheet indicating planned financing choices prior to August 1.
    • Complete federal loan entrance counseling, master promissory note and any assigned online module within our Financing Education Program by August 1.
  • Continued Qualificationsplus or minus

    • Adhere to academic year’s Financing Plan, including completion of any student and/or parent loans and good standing on monthly payment plan, if participating.
    • Good standing with Bursar’s Office on Student Account prior to the beginning of new term.
    • Register for a minimum of twelve credits.
    • Meet all requirements for need-based institutional aid as outlined in the Comprehensive Guide to Financial Aid Programs, including Satisfactory Academic Progress.
    • Complete the future year FAFSA by November 30th and submit any verification documents by January 30th (if continuing for the next academic year).
    • Complete any online and/or in person assignment within our chosen Financing Education Plan by specified deadline.
    • Submit an updated Family Financing Plan by June 30th prior to the next academic year.