Summer Internship Program

  • What is the Summer Internship Program?plus or minus

    The Summer Internship Program offered by the University's Office of Internal Audit provides part-time summer employment to a junior or senior University of Scranton accounting student.

  • What kind of work does it involve?plus or minus

    The student will assist the Internal Auditor is performing certain audit procedures related to both the University's annual external audits and internal audit projects. While the intern will be assisting the Internal Auditor in many challenging audit tasks, at times the intern will also be doing clerical work.

  • When does the position begin and end?plus or minus

    This temporary position usually begins on the first Monday after the spring semester and ends on the last Friday before the fall semester.

  • What if I have a vacation planned?plus or minus

    It's okay if the intern wants to go on vacation for a maximum of one week during the summer. However, the intern will only be paid for actual hours worked.

  • What is the pay rate?plus or minus

    The hourly rate that the intern will earn is determined at the beginning of each year. For 2014 it is expected to be about $12 per hour.

  • What are the work days and times?plus or minus

    Works days are Monday through Friday. Work times are 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

  • Will the position give me valuable work experience?plus or minus

    The intern will receive hands-on experience in performing fundamental auditing procedures similar to those that recent college graduates hired by a public accounting firm would do.

    The intern will have an opportunity to meet with auditors from the University's external auditing firm. The intern may also develop his/her communication and investigative skills by interacting with other University personnel.

  • How and when do I apply?plus or minus

    You may obtain an employment application from the University's Human Resources Department located in Saint Thomas Hall, Room 104. Complete and return the application by May 1st. You may also attach a resume if you wish.

  • What will happen after I complete an application?plus or minus

    The Internal Auditor will review your application and depending on your qualifications and those of other applicants you may be called for an interview. You will be notified by letter if an interview will not be scheduled.