Teaching and Research

Fall 2016:

            PHIL 127x: First Year Seminar with Introduction to Philosophy (Wellness and Food), two sections

            PHIL 331: Feminist Philosophy of Science

Spring 2016:

            PHIL 120: Introduction to Philosophy, two sections

            PHIL 231: Philosophy of Woman

Syllabi and course offerings from previous years available upon request.

Current research:

My research is motivated by an appreciation of the Greek philosophical spirit in its beginning, and its application to contemporary problems. The ancient Greek philosophers were undaunted by traditional ways of understanding and engaging with reality; they courageously challenged one another to accomplish the monumental project of living a worthy life using one’s capacities to the fullest possible extent. They directed their energies to exploring issues in politics, ethics, physics, biology, history, literature, and so on. Emulating this method, and using ancient Greek philosophical texts as a springboard, I explore the topic of food with the specific aim of creating a new metaphysics that explains it. My project is to achieve what I have called a “prismatic” view of food: one whose many facets reveal the ways in which we engage with food items, practices, representations, etc. The main resources I use are Aristotle’s metaphysics and ethics. A portion of my research includes aspects that are supported and researched by other disciplines, especially Neuroscience, Psychology and Anthropology both of which I am working at incorporating into my research.

I have also worked on the topics of home and exile, especially connected to feminism, and on the play Iphigenia at Aulis as it appears in Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling

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