Selected Publications

2016 “Networks, Not Commodities” in The Routldge Handbook of Food Ethics, Mary Rawlinson and Caleb Ward (eds.), Routledge (pp. 7-15).

2015 “Redescribing Food from the Perspective of Feminist Methodologies of Science” for the volume Global Food, Global Justice, Mary Rawlinson and Caleb Ward (eds.), Cambridge Scholars Press (pp.12-27).

2015 “Food and Blogging” in the Encyclopaedia Food Issues edited by Anu Ross and Ken Albala; Sage Publications (137-142, pagination of the on line version).

2014 “The Significance of Food in Plato’s Republic, Book I.” Food, Culture, and Society 17:3 (473-491).

2014 “The Metaphysics and Ethics of Food as Activity.” Radical Philosophy Review 17:2 (351-370); see also DOI: 10.5840/radphilrev201432817).

2014 “Iphigenia vs. Abraham: Problematizing The Knight of Faith in Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling.” Philosophy Today 58:3 (393-409).

2011 Book Review of Philosophy: The Classic Readings; David E. Cooper and Peter S. Fosl, eds.; Teaching Philosophy 34:1 (101-103).

2010: "Feminism, Hospitality and Women in Exile" in Feminism and Hospitality: Gender in the Host/Guest Relationship edited by Maurice Hamington, Lanham: Lexington Books (125-162).

2009: "Philosophy of Food: How Our Choices with respect to Food Create Habits That Can Be Mirrored in the Choices We Make to Find Happiness in Every-day Life," Journal for the Society of Philosophy in the Contemporary World, Fall 2009 (12-21).
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