Parables in Pop Culture

University of Scranton

Theology/Religious Studies 228

Spring 2020 Final Student Papers (COVID-19)

Kathryn E. Antonawich, The Film Wit (2001) Within the Nursing Perspective of Human Dignity
Nicole I. Antonelli, Wall-E & Pope Francis's Laudato Si
Gabriella R. Basile, The Social Network: A Parable of Selfishness
Emily N. Bernard, Molly's Game: A Slippery Slope
Alessia J. Brunori, Lady Bird: Growth & Denial Against Her Nature
Aidan K. Burrows, Pan's Labyrinth: Disobience in the Face of Authority
Mya M. Buschman, The Greatest Showman: A Parable about Parables
Audrey E. Campo, Call Me By Your Name: A Parable for Self-Acceptance & Love
Christopher J. Connolly, Parasite: A Parable for Recognizing Privilege
Clare Domenico, Spirited Away (2001)
Brendan J. Gregory, Citizen Kane: A Parable of Ecclesiastes & the Perils of the American Dream
Gabrielle N. Guarino, The Intouchables: An Unlikely Friendship
Emily Howells, Therapeutic Interventions in Brave
Rose V. Hricko, The Forgiveness Behind I Can Only Imagine
Jordan D. Katz, Friday Night Lights: A Parable of Heroism
Emily N. Kearney, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Part 2: A Parabolic Journey of Loyalty, Hope, & Judgment
Riva Kelly, La La Land: A Parable for Following Your Dreams
Emily M. Lo Cascio, Good Will Hunting: Seeking a Reputation
Caitlin M. Long, The Breadwinner: A Parable for Women's Empowerment
Marnie E. Monahan, Innocence Lost, Understanding Gained, Unfortunately: A Reading of Greta Gerwig's Little Women
Meghan C. Nally, The Boy in Striped Pajamas: A Parable for Our Times
Bryn A. Onoshko, Midsommar (2019): A Parable for Reckoning and Grief in Sweden
Zachary A. Pavlocak, Roar: The King of the Jungle's Court
Sadie E. Peck, How to Train Your Dragon (2010): A Parable for Kindness
Nicole M. Pitera, The Lion King (2019): A Parable for Leadership
Jamie R. Psinakis, The Hunger Games: A Parable for Jesuit Magis and Cura Personalis
Tori A. Rosenthal, BlacKkKlansmann: Language is Power
Daniel R. Shuck, Mother! (2017): Explaining Life Through Horror
Sabrina L. Verdi, Avatar: A Parable for Empathetic Transformation