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Therapy Preferences

Guidelines for Using the C-NIP

The Cooper – Norcross Inventory of Preferences (C-NIP) is available on this webpage free of charge for research and clinical purposes. Please:

  • consult the original journal article (Cooper & Norcross, 2015) describing the measure’s development, utilization, and limitations
  • note that it may not be sold or used for any profit-making purposes
  • share the results of your research and/or clinical use with the original authors 

Guidelines for Translating the C-NIP

  • The original source (Cooper & Norcross, 2015) is cited in any paper or electronic version of the measure
  • The person/team responsible for the translation should be noted on the form
  • The translation from the English version is developed and tested in a rigorous way, including verification through back translation
  • The translated measure, once validated, is made freely available for use and is not used for profit-making purposes
  • The original authors (Mick Cooper & John Norcross) are sent a copy of the final version of the translated measure and any publications emerging from it

Cooper – Norcross Inventory of Preferences  (C-NIP)

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