Recent Publications

Hussain, Riaz, Real Estate Investments with Stochastic Cash Flows, Journal of American Academy of Business (Cambridge), Volume 11, Number 1, March 2007, pp 25-32

Hussain, Riaz, Valuation of Lease Contracts in Continuous Time, with Stochastic Asset Values, Financial Decisions, Volume 18, Number 2, Winter 2006.

Hussain, Riaz, Valuation of a Bank Credit-Card Portfolio, Journal of American Academy of Business (Cambridge), Volume 10, Number 2, March 2007, pp 29-35

Working Papers

Kallianiotis, Ioannis and Riaz Hussain, October 2005, Risk Averse Speculation and Exchange Rate Determination: An Econometric Analysis of the U.S. Dollar versus Euro, Pound, and Yen

Hussain, Riaz and Stephen Mansour, June 2011, Homeowner's Dilemma: To Default or not to Default?

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