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Peace Makers Mentoring Program


Peace Makers is a program for elementary school children and college mentors created by Ann Periin CND, LMFT and piloted in Scranton, PA at the University of Scranton. It has been run seven times over the last 6 years as a six-week, once-a-week after school program; however, the format can be adapted to a variety of time frames: e.g. days or week-long sessions, weekends, or monthly. It was used in grammar school setting for 3 years. For the last 3 years the program has been conducted at the University of Scranton with both undergraduate and graduate students mentoring elementary age students. Presently the program is being offered each semester. The program lends itself to various settings: schools, camps, agencies, or church settings.

The program's focus is on 5 elements of peace making:

  • Peace within us
  • Peace between persons
  • Peace with our bodies
  • Peace with our Earth
  • Peace among all people

With week 6 being the Celebration of Peace.

Centering and journal exercises are a part of every session as a way to foster peace within each of the participants. The first of the 6 sessions is an introduction to each other and to the meaning of peace. Each subsuquent session focuses on one of the elements of peace making; peace between persons, peace with our bodies, peace with the earth, and peace among all peoples. The 6th session is a celebration of peace. Peace Makers sets out not only to provide a space and experience where children and college students can explore the meaning, history, and vision or peace making, but it also enables them to work together to make peace. Each session includes a snack, centering, activities centered on a theme, journal writing, a take-home letter to family, and a carry-over action.

Peace dwells in each one of us; it is part of our very being. Peace is a reality to be nurtured within each person, among us and in our environment. Peace provides is with the tools to make peace outside of ourselves. Peace is energy.

Peace Making is more then conflict resolution and goes beyond tolerance. Peace Making keeps peace alive and well within all of us. Peace Making includes making peace with our bodies, each other, the earth, and our world. It is an activitym which can be both great fun and hard work.

We are carriers of peace to all who share life with us.

  1. Peace Within Us
  2. Peace Between Persons
  3. Peace With Our Bodies
  4. Peace With Our Earth
  5. Peace Among All Peoples
  6. Celebration of Peace
An interactive 2 hour session for college mentors, incorporating the vision and overall format.
  • Books
  • Games
  • Music
  • Internet Resources
  • Peace Making Resources