Gomez Lab Science Outreach

Learn more about our newly established program, SynAPSE.

Our laboratory has been actively engaged in educational outreach activities to local elementary schools. The lab students do this on their own accord, on a purely voluntary basis, and do not get credit for extracurricular service hours. 

Since science is a human endeavor, an important part of science is building relationships with others, while engaging them in the process, the passion, and the excitement of scientific discovery.  Following our initial efforts, we established a program called SynAPSE, a program housed in the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office and the Office of Community Relations.


The activities typically include hands-on demonstrations and a lot of interaction with the elementary school students.  We also invite other Scranton students from different research labs or courses to join us.

We have also brought in students from Dr. Jong-Hyun Son's lab.

Our latest activity included a visit from the students at McNichols Plaza, where their students conducted hands-on scientific learning activities in the labs at the Loyola Science Center

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McNichols Learning Plaza: February 2017, November 2017, March 2018

McNichols comes to the U!  May 2018 visit from McNichols Plaza

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Learn more about SynAPSE.