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Academic History:

BA, German, West Virginia University. 1970.
MA, German, West Virginia University. 1972.
MA, Spanish, Ohio University. 1976.
Ph.D., Spanish, Penn State University. 1982.
Assistant Professor, University of Scranton, 1979-1983.
Associate Professor, University of Scranton, 1984-1991.
Professor, University of Scranton, 1991 to present.
Chair, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Scranton, 1988-Aug 2003. 


Articles published (in journals and proceedings):

"Language, Literature, and Curriculum Revision in the 1980's." Foreign Language Annals 18.3 (May 1985): 21 3-218."Reversals of Illocutionary Logic in Griselda Gambaro's Las paredes", in Things Done With Words: Speech Acts in Hispanic Drama (Newark, Delaware: Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs, 1986): 101-114.

"The Allegorical Dimension of Carlos Fuentes' Terra nostra." Hispanic Journal 7.2 (Spring 1986): 90-97.

"An Interdisciplinary Approach to Politics and Literature: The Latin American Case." Teaching Political Science: Politics in Perspective 13.4 (Spring 1986): 148-153. Co-authored by Leonard Champney.

"The Vision of Horror or Opposing Self. The Double in Three Novels by Carlos Fuentes." Journal of Evolutionary Psychology 8.1-2 (March 1987): 105-114.

"Mirror Symbolism in Carlos Fuentes' Terra nostra." College Language Association Journal 31.1 (Sept. 1987): 77-86.

"Carlos Rangel's Del buen salvaje al buen revolucionario: A Maverick's View of U.S. Imperialism." Inter-American Review of Bibliography 3 8.3 (Nov. 1988): 354- 362.

"Parody and Self-Parody in Lo demas es silencio: (La vida y la obra de Eduardo Torres) by Augusto Monterroso." Hispania 72.4 (Dec. 1989): 938-945.

"Mempo Giardinelli's Qué solos se quedan los muertos: An Investigation of Argentina in Mexico." Selected Proceedings of the Philological Association of Louisiana (1990): 21-32.

"Watches without Owners: Variations on a Spanish American Satirical Theme." Confluencia: Revista Hispánica de Cultura y Literatura 7.1 (Fal l 1991): 55-61.

"The International Language/Business Major at a Small Private University: Successes and Nagging Concerns." RIE (Resources in Education) document#ED348873 of ERIC Microfiche Collection 28.1 (Jan. 1993): 3-15. Publishedin ERIC in Proceedings of the Eastern Michigan University Conference on Languages and Communication for World Business and the Professions, Ypsilanti, MI, March 26, 1992.

"Progress in Reverse: Some Spanish American Satirical Views of Development." Abstracts and Selected Papers from the Second Biennial Conference on Culture, Society and Change in the Americas. (Tampa, FL: University of South Florida and VENUSA, 1993): 295-303.

"Parodia y autoparodia en Lo demás es silencio de Augusto Monterroso", in Refracción: Augusto Monterroso ante la crítica (Ediciones Era: México, D.F., 1995): 109-122 (translation of "Parody and Self-Parody in Lo demás es silencio de Augusto Monterroso")
"Sátira anticlerical en algunos cuentos de Jorge Kattán Zablah." Alba de América16, Nos. 30-31(June, 1998), 269-285.


Courses taught at the University of Scranton:

A range of Spanish language courses, elementary (101- 102), intermediate (211-212), Advanced Conversation and Composition (311-312), and Advanced Stylistics (321).
Upper-division courses taught include:



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