The Sheep Brain Guide 3.0

Overview of features and options:
Elementary Level

High School
College Level
Start by clicking one of the categories
that appear on the left of the window.

For example:
Once you are in the category of your choice, you can navigate through
the various pages by clicking the forward and back buttons.
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Currently in          progress     

Will move forward and backward throughout the guide.

Will jump throughout the guide in a random fashion each time the button is pressed.

Will show a page which will include various tools and preferences that you may find useful

Will remove or add both the text and labels from the image. A single click will restore the labels, and a third click will add the text to the image as well.

Will show you a page with a list of structures that are demonstrated throughout the guide, as well as where to see them.

Will allow you to jump to specific plate numbers, categorized by structure, should you wish to begin where you had left off previously.

We recommend using this guide with a minimum screen size of 600x800
Please note: The guide will open in a seperate window.

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