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Paul Bechtel 
2000 graduate 
Environmental Coordinator 
Lackawanna Senior Environment Corps 
Scranton, PA

   Paul is currently enrolled in the Graduate School for Arts and Sciences at Fordham University in New York City. He is working toward a Masters in Biology with an Ecology Concentration. He is in the process of declaring his thesis topic. He is attending full-time on a Presidential Scholarship and he has been awarded a Teaching Assistantship for Freshmen Biology Labs.

    Since graduating in 2000 Paul has had a numbers of experiences and jobs including: 
-Volunteered with Earthwatch, fall 2001, and studied Leatherback Sea Turtles for two weeks in Costa Rica before looking for a job. 
-His main full-time job was as the Environmental Coordinator for the Voluntary Action Center and the Lackawanna River Corridor Association (non-profit organizations). (2001-2004). Non Profits are great for networking and grass-roots environmental work. 
-As a supplement to the non-profit salary and to build further skills before entering graduate school he worked at the following -Project Manager for AquaTech Incorporation, Mountaintop, PA. Completed a Lake Management study and Lake Monitoring (bacterial, physiochemical, biological) (2003); Temporary Lab Technician at EcoScientific Solutions, Scranton PA, working in the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Laboratory with Pseudoscymnus tsugse, a biological control species (2003); He obtained a certificate in Wetland Delineation from Rutgers University, Cook College (2002); and worked as a Wetland Delineator for McLane and Associates a Landscape Architectural firm in Scranton, PA. (2004). 
    While at the University of Scranton, Paul performed an internship with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, working directly under the Region 3 Director, Mr. William McDonnell (also a graduate of the University of Scranton), in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  Paul was an active member of the Environmentally Concerned Organization, often helping to plan and execute events.  One of his major roles in ECO was the off-campus recycling program.  Paul was also one of the hearty souls who braved the cold waters of Lake Henry during the fall and spring outings at Dr. Cann's house.  You can see his picture here.  He is in the second picture on the left hand side freezing with Matt Stadler. 

Brian Brozovic 
1998 graduate 
Process Technician 
Corning INC 
Corning, NY

    When Brian left the University he worked as an environmental/chemical Laboratory technician with NYESG Environmental Laboratories.  His duties included QA/QC chemical analysis (Sulfates, Metals, Chlorine, Oils...) of environmental waste water samples from NYSEG plants through the use EPA wet chemical techniques and instrumental analysis (FE/AA/ICPMS).

    Brian then was employed by Proctor and Gamble Pharmaceuticals in North Norwich , NY as a quality assurance chemist/ research technician.  His work Included QA/QC testing of drug product stability (shelf life tests) samples and QA testing of incoming raw materials through HPLC, MS and dissolution baths.

    Brian then moved up to a position as Analytical Laboratory Services Coordinator at Corning Incorporated, in Corning, NY. 
His job included acting as an interface between external Corning customers and internal Corning scientists/engineers while coordinating the sale, sample flow, and results of  a large variety of laboratory analysis services (~20 labs).

    Still moving up the ladder, Brain is now a process technician with Corning.  As a member of the QA team working for Corning's North American Optical division,  he works in a chemistry lab providing quality control for raw materials and final products (photochromic monomer) using spectrophotometer, viscosity, turbidity, HPLC, Karl Fisher, Refractive Index (to name a few) support POLLUX (project name) manufacturing.  Because this endeavor is still in a project status, it allows for occasional R&D work developing new monomer compositions for better lens performance (the monomer is sold to customers who cast the material into plastic photochromic lenses). This work is done in conjunction with Corning's main R&D facility in Fountableu France to develop new generations of the product.  Brian has also gained some chemical engineering experience, working with the project engineer, while learning to operate and trouble shoot the process system equipment. that Brian, in a very important way, still utilizes his environmental interests and expertise by acting as the safety / health, environmental officer for his project.  In that role he is responsible for monthly inspections, safety/environmental training of employees, and overall compliance for the project area (i.e. waste stream profile, hazardous waste disposal, maintaining MSDS, enforcing PPE).

    Brian has returned to school taking online classes through NTU to obtain a masters in chemical engineering.

    While at Scranton Brian performed his internship with Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Ross Park Zoo both in Binghamton, NY.  At the cooperative extension Brian assisted with educational programs related to solid waste management and water quality.  At the zoo he was involved in the daily feeding and care of the animals, and assisting the veterinarian on his rounds. 

Paul Curtis
1999 graduate 
Quality Control Analyst
Borregaard Synthesis
Newburyport, MA

After graduation Paul worked for a company called Kiewit Construction for a few months.  The project he worked on involved a contract from the Army Corps of Engineers to rebuild Poplar Island in the Chesapeake Bay.

   In January 2000, Paul moved to Denver to volunteer with Americorps NCCC. This was a 10 month program that included such projects as tutoring first graders in an inner city school, renovating a former army barracks for a homeless crisis center and building a model community garden on a Navajo Indian Reservation in AZ. 

   After taking some time off after the above program, Paul accepted a position with Safety-Kleen, an environmental recycling and disposal company in North Anover, MA.  In this position he performed analysis on samples for PCBs by gas chromatography.

   His current job is with Borregaard Synthesis which produces fine chemicals to be used in pharmaceuticals and health imaging film.  He is a quality control analyst and employs such instruments as HPLC, GC, FTIR and UV-VIS in his work.

    While at Scranton Paul performed an internship with NatureWorks Clearwater Associates which involved testing and treating ponds and lakes.

Devin DeMarco, 
2000 graduate 
Coordinator: Environmental Health & Safety 
OMG Fidelity 
Newark, NJ

    Following graduation from the University Devin received an administrative internship with the Northeast Pennsylvania Region of the Department of Environmental Protection. In this program he circulated amongst various regulatory departments and was fortunate enough to spend much of his time with the Regional Director, Mr. William McDonnell (a University of Scranton graduate. Toward the end of the summer he received a position with the Environmental Health & Safety department within OMG Fidelity, Inc., located in Newark, NJ. OMG Fidelity is a subsidiary of OM Group, Inc, and is a worldwide leader in the production of metal salts, plating chemistry and even catalytic converters. His position has evolved to the point where he currently manages all aspects of environmental & OSHA regulations, product stewardship, hazardous waste, waste treatment, air permits, stormwater, site remediation, responsible care, recycling, raining, discharge prevention and employee health. Devin stated "I believe this is an excellent field for myself at this time, because I’m exposed to so many facets that affect environmental health."  In addition, he is currently working toward an M.S. in Environmental Policy at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and he has an interest with the Chemical Industry Council of New Jersey and Bergen County Emergency Medical Service Training Center.

    While at the University of Scranton, Devin performed an internship in the Environmental and Safety Department of Schott Glass Technologies, Duryea, PA.  Devin was also an active member of the Environmentally Concerned Organization and served as Student Government Vice President. 


Brian Eberhardt 
2000 graduate 
High School Teacher 
Toms River High School 
North Toms River, NJ

    After graduation Brian worked for two years at PMK Group.  This company is an Environmental Consulting Firm located in 
Farmingdale, New Jersey.  Brian worked with both the private and public sectors assisting in air/water permitting and health/safety programs.  Brian helped a Scranton Environmental Science major obtain an internship with the PMK Group during the summer of 2002.

    In September 2002, Brian took a job teaching Earth Science at Toms River High School North in Toms River, NJ.  Brian teaches five classes of college prep level through New Jersey's Alternate Route provisional teaching certificate program.  For some time teaching has been on of Brian's goals.  In the fall 2005 Brian began a Masters program in chemistry at Rutgers while maintaining his full time teaching position. 

   At Scranton Brian was an avid swimmer as a member of the varsity swim team.  Brian was also a very active member of ECO and could always be counted on to take a dip in the frigid waters of Lake Henry during ECO picnics.  Brian performed a joint internship at the Cooper Environmental Center and the Jenkinson's Aquarium both of which are in Toms River, NJ.  At the aquarium Brian learned a great deal about the behind the scenes operation, and also interacted with the patrons giving tours and participating in educational programs.  At the environmental center Brian assisted in the educational programs offered by the center, and as a special project he developed a self guided habitat information trail. 

Michael J. Farrell
1998 graduate


Structure Tone, Inc.,

Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

   For two years after graduation, Mike worked for a consulting engineering firm, Birdsall Engineering, in Belmar, NJ( as an environmental consultant.During that time, he completed a Professional Certificate in Geomatics (GIS) at Rutgers University.In December of 2000, He left Birdsall Engineering, for a construction management firm, Structure Tone, Inc., in Lyndhurst, NJ ( where he is currently working in the estimating department.Although he is not directly involved with environmental work as much as he used to be as an environmental consultant, every project he is involved with almost always has environmental issues associated with it.Mike indicates that his education, and more importantly his work experience and contacts from his previous job has enabled him to be a value added member to project teams unique to the construction industry.  In January of 2002 he will be starting a Graduate Certificate program at NJIT in Project Management.

   On the personal side Mike indicated the following: "As for my personal life, I got married on November 2nd, 2001, and I am looking forward to spending the holidays with my wife and family.  I miss being in school for sure, and can only hope to convince my younger brother who is a senior in high school to go to the University of Scranton next year.  I am always available to come speak or make any possible contacts for anyone from the University of Scranton.  If I can help anyone with anything, please contact me.

  While at the University, Mike performed an internship in the Environmental Chemistry Division, of American Cyanamid, in Princeton, NJ.

Kitty Fromtling
2003 graduate 
1) Field Scientist PMK Group
2)Graduate Student in the Master in the Art of Teaching, Elementary Education Program
Montclair State University
Upper Montclair, NJ

   Kitty is working full time at PMK Group as a Field Scientist in the Wetlands Group in the Civil Engineering Division, as well as going to school full time at night at Montclair State University in the MAT (Masters in the Art of Teaching) Elementary Education Program.

   While at Scranton Kitty performed an internship with the PMK Group and could always be counted on to jump in the lake during ECO picnics at Dr. Cann's house no matter how cold it was.  Kitty is pictured in several of the pictures (perhaps most notably with fellow environmental science alums Nancy Panarese and Tom Zegler modeling the latest in towels) from ECO club picnics here.

John Gray 
2000 graduate 
Environmental Specialist 
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection 
Trenton, NJ

      Prior to working for the NJDEP, John held a junior consultant position at an environmental consulting firm (AL&S Environmental Management Services, Inc.) in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

    In the fall of 2001, John joined the NJDEP, where he is part of an 8 person unit in charge of  permitting all discharges to groundwater in the state of New Jersey.  John heads the unit's industrial cases, including facilities like Fort Dix and the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station.

    John is pursuing his  Masters of Science degree in Environmental Science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

    While at the University of Scranton, John performed a research project with Dr. Daniel Townsend titled "The Effects of White-Tailed Deer on the Demography of Red Maple (Acer rubrum) in a Northern Hardwood Forest."  John also served as an officer of the Environmentally Concerned Organization (ECO) where he was one of the main spark plugs of this organization.  His cooking talents were much appreciated at the ECO fall and spring outings at Dr. Cann's house.  He, Christine Potts and Kristin Kaeser can be seen flipping burgers at an ECO picnic here

Tracy Hudak 
1999 graduate 
Environmental Protection Specialist 
Washington, DC

   Immediately after graduation, Tracy attended a great week-long conference on environmental journalism that she recommends to anyone interested in that field. (More info can be found at

   In 2000, she enrolled in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program at Virginia Tech, where she is focusing on a blend of physical and environmental planning. Her interests include the connection between land use and environmental quality, land use law, and how the environment relates to quality of life. After her first year, she was awarded a Virginia Citizens Planning Associate Fellowship for Outstanding First Year Graduate Students, in addition to her graduate assistantship.  Her final project compared the ways states are redeveloping their brownfield sites through the use of voluntary cleanup programs. 

   While matriculating at Virginia Tech, Tracy spent time working for the Virginia Water Resources Research Center as a volunteer trainer and program coordinator.  Her efforts, in conjunction with one of Virginia's Soil and Water Conservation Districts, resulted in the formation of a volunteer water quality monitoring network in a five-county area in the Piedmont region of Virginia.

   Currently, Tracy works for the Office of Water at EPA headquarters in Washington, DC. She does 
work related to the implementation of the Clean Water Act's regulations and public outreach 

   During her Scranton days, Tracy performed an internship with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, working directly under the Region 3 Director, Mr. William McDonnell (also a graduate of the University of Scranton), in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Tracy was able to rotate through all the departments of the DEP and learned first hand about the inner workings of this agency. At Scranton, she also assisted Dr. Daniel Townsend in his research on the effects of deer browsing on a northern hardwood forest. 

Kristen Kaeser 
2002 graduate 
Assistant Project Manager 
TTI Environmental, Inc. 
Marlton, NJ

  After graduation, Kristin interviewed with about four companies with positions ranging from an environmental consultant to lab technician.  Kristin took a position with TTI Environmental in Marlton, NJ where she is an assistant project manager for the environmental consulting department.  Her work focuses on Phase I investigations.  She is in the field for approximately 50-60% of the time, and her work load is always steady.  Her job takes her all over the east coast.  TTI Environmental also has an Industrial Hygiene Dept, a Training Dept, and a Tank Management Services Dept.  Kristen is OSHA certified and a certified building inspector.  Her department also does water and soil sampling.

  The ECO club flourished under her co-leadership with Christine Potts while she was at Scranton and her positive attitude was always appreciated. She, Christine and John Gray can be seen flipping burgers at an ECO picnic here.

   Kristin did her internship with the Environmental Management Assistance Program in the Small Business Development Center at the University of Scranton.  As an Environmental Specialist, Kristin's job was to assist businesses in finding ways to reduce there consumption of natural resources and prevent pollution.  Kristin not only spent the summer in this position, but because of her quality work she was asked to continue in this role throughout her senior year. 

Stephanie Keating-Green 
1998 graduate 
Chemist II 
CertainTeed Corporation 
Blue Bell, PA

    After graduating from Scranton, Stephanie began her career at CertainTeed Corporation in the Insulation Group as a Lab Technician.  She was subsequently promoted to a Chemist I and then to her current position as a Chemist II.  As a Glass Chemist she prepares and analyzes glass, fiberglass, and raw material samples.  Her job not only requires her to analyze samples but to also to interpret results utilizing classical and instrumental techniques.

    She is continuing her education at the McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, where she will be earn a graduate certificate in Chemical Microscopy.

    While at the University of Scranton Stephanie performed an internship at Sea World in Orlando, Florida.  As a Secondary Instructor, in the Education Department at Sea World, Stephanie assisted in the preparation and teaching of classes, and had the opportunity to "go behind the scenes" and interact with most of the animals.

     Stephanie is married, has one daughter and is expecting her second child in February 20002

Andrew S Kijesky 
1999 graduate 
Operations Research Analyst 
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division 
Patuxent River, MD

    Andrew is employed in the Electro-Optic and Special Mission Sensors Division at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division in Patuxent River, MD.  His job responsibilities include data collection while flying on P-3 aircraft in various locations across the world (i.e. Iceland, Japan, Mediterranean, etc.) in-lab data analysis, algorithm development, sensor improvements to IR and radar systems, prediction of atmospheric and oceanic conditions, database generation of environmentals in flight operational areas, Unmanned Air Vehicle development (UAV) and other sensor and environmental related topics.

    In addition, Andrew graduated in June 2005 from Johns Hopkins University (Washington D.C. campus) with an MS in Environmental Science and Policy. 

    Between his busy work and study schedule, Andrew finds the time to play the mellophone as a member of the Washington Redskins Marching Band. 

      Andrew married Crystal Wacke on May 31st 2003 at the Nativity of Our Lord Chruch in southside Scranton.  Fr. G. Donald Pantle, S.J., a Jesuit at the University of Scranton presided over the mass and ceremony.  Andrew and his wife are the proud parents of a baby girl (April 2005).

    While at Scranton Andrew did an internship with Systems Integration and Research, Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Maryland.  His internship involved vegetation specimen collection, mapping, research and analysis, and database management.

Cara Kleinberger 
2000 graduate 
Environmental, Health and Safety Assistant 
Schott Glass Technologies Inc. 
Duryea, PA

    Cara currently serves as an Environmental, Health and Safety assistant at Schott Glass Technologies where she has been employed since January 2000.

    Cara's job requires that she be well versed in EPA, PADEP and OSHA laws and regulations.  Her responsibilities include the preparation, processing and interpretation of information for governmental reporting requirements, and conveying this information to appropriate government agencies.  Cara also prepares, conducts and maintains records for necessary water/air/noise sampling and safety training as per state and federal regulations. In addition, she assists in assuring compliance 
with applicable EPA, PADEP, OSHA and other governmental regulations regarding safety and the environment, and also with corporate IMSU guidelines.  Cara is supervised by, and reports directly to the Manager, Environmental, Health and Safety.  Furthermore, her responsibilities include the continuous improvement of Environmental, Health and Safety to make the facility safer for employees, the community and the Environment. Cara also takes part in the Schott Corporate EHS Assessment Team, where team members visit Schott facilities in North America and  conduct Environmental and Safety assessments.

    In addition to her university education, Cara has taken the 40 hour OSHA course on General Industry Standards and attended many professional development seminars and conferences.

    Cara's association with Schott Glass Technologies goes back to her days at Scranton when she performed her internship in the Environmental Health and Safety department at Schott.  Cara's work was so valued by Schott, she began working at Schott the January before her May graduation.

    While at Scranton, Cara was a member of E.C.O.. She also was involved in the Student/Teacher Research Program during her junior and senior year, doing research on the effects of deer browsing on a northern hardwood forest under the direction 
of Dr. Townsend. Cara also was involved in the Student/Teacher Mentoring Program as a teaching assistant for Ecology lab during her senior year.

    Cara received a Loyola scholarship to the University of Scranton. Cara also was on the Dean's list for several semesters and graduated cum laude.

McCullough James T.
2003 graduate
Environmental Specialist
Trenton, NJ

                               After graduation he returned to a position at the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust (2955 Edgehill Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 215.657.0830 phone, ( as an assistant to the Restoration Specialist and Land Steward.  He then filled a temporary position (6-months) there specifically to perform a cumulative survey of the woody vegetation over the 400+ acre preserve.  The purpose of this survey was to provide data of forest regeneration and the effects of deer browsing to be compared to similar studies of previous years.  I also assisted the Restoration Specialist with his Master's thesis study of the effects that sulfur applications could have on the soil characteristics.  The aim was to replicate the methodology past studies in forest regeneration, but apply the strategy to enhance the regeneration of native grassland habitat. 

               In January of 2004 he made a career change and accepted a position with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.  Here is the long list of names under which his section is located within the Department:  Environmental Regulation, Division of Environmental Safety and Health, Radiation Protection and Release Prevention Element, Bureau of Environmental Radiation, Radioactive Materials Section.  His position is titled as Environmental Specialist and he works out of an office on 25 Arctic Parkway, Ewing, NJ.  James' duties include issuing and managing licenses for the production, transfer, receipt, acquisition, ownership, possession or use of all naturally occurring and accelerator produced radioactive materials within the State of New Jersey.  He not only reviews paperwork and applications, but conducts inspections of licensees to ensure compliance with New Jersey Administrative Code Title 7, Chapter 28, and all conditions of their specific license. 

               His secondary duties include involvement with RAMRAT (Radioactive Materials Radiological Assessment Team) which provides oversight and response to incidents involving radioactive materials.  He is also training to become a Nuclear Emergency Responder, where his duties would be field sampling in the event of an emergency at one of the four nuclear power plants in the state.

                               While at Scranton, James completed his internship with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Environmental Cleanup Program, Special Projects Division.  His internship was out of the Southeast Region office of PADEP in Conshohocken, PA. His duties included both office work involving review and written summaries of Act 2 completions, updating LRP databases, Act 2 paperwork management and field work accompanying specialists on site investigations and sampling events, obtaining pictures and GPS locations of Act 2 and tanks sites and gas station drive-bys.

Matt Mee
2002 graduate 
Field Engineer 1 
PMK Group 
Cranford, NJ

   Currently, Matt is working in the regulatory division at PMK Group. PMK Group is a consulting and environmental engineering firm employing civil, geotechnical, environmental, mechanical and chemical engineers, scientists, geologists, hydrogeologists, and industrial hygienists.  Matt has excelled at PMK and was named "Employee of the Quarter" for the first quarter of 2004.

   While at Scranton Matt was an active member of ECO and did his internship with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Southeast Regional Office in Conshohocken.  During his internship Matt worked in the Bureau of Waste Management.  Matt performed field audits of abandoned landfills and compiled an inventory of these sites.  In the initial stage of the internship Matt underwent intensive training in the use of digital navigational and mapping devices.  Throughout the remainder of the internship he made extensive use of these devices.

Alison (Murphy) Miskiman
1998 graduate
City Research Scientist II
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
New York, NY

   Alison and her husband recently moved to New York City where she accepted a position as a City Research Scientist II with the Emergency Preparedness Unit at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Her primary focus is interagency outreach working with federal, state, and city agencies to share/exchange environmental monitoring data.
   From 2001-2005 she lived and worked just north of Boston, Massachusetts for Weston Solutions, Inc. under U.S. EPA Region I's Superfund Technical Assessment and Response Team contract as a Project Scientist.  At Weston, she was part of the Site Assessment team and conducted atmospheric modeling. One of the highlights at Weston was being part of the Unified Modeling Team at the Democratic National Convention in July 2004.
   From 1998-2000 Alison attended the University of New Hampshire and earned her masters degree in Earth Science/Geochemical Systems.  While at UNH, she was a Research Assistant in the Climate Change Research Center and had the opportunity to spend a field season in the Canadian Arctic on Devon Island and assisted with the drilling and collection of an Arctic ice core. For her masters research, she sampled the Devon ice core, interpreted its glaciochemistry, and developed the first 5,200-year sea-ice proxy of the North Water Polynya.  In addition, while at UNH, she had the opportunity to travel to Iceland and present her research to an International Sea-Ice Conference.

Nancy Panarese 
2002 Graduate 
Public Health Sanitarian 
Suffolk Country Department of Health 
Hauppauge, NY

   Nancy is presently working at the Suffolk County Dept of Health as a Public Health Sanitarian.  Her job responsibilities include marine and fresh water sampling (VOCs, bacteria, pesticides, nutrients, etc.) of Long Island's major water ways (Great South Bay, Long Island Sound, Peconic Estuary System, etc.). 
Other job responsibilities: include inspecting permitted beaches to be sure they are up to code and functioning properly; sampling over 185 bathing beaches during the spring and summer months for Oviform and Enterococuss bacteria to ensure public health safety; training summer interns to aid in beach bacteria sampling.

    Future Plans: Fall of 2005 Nancy plans on attending CW Post on Long Island as a part-time graduate student to obtain a MS in Environmental Studies.

    While at Scranton, Nancy was very active in ECO and she is one of the crazy ones who braved the cold waters of Lake Henry during ECO outings.  She can be seen in several of the pictures here.  In one of the pictures she is modeling the latest in red and green stripped towels.  While at Scranton she was selected to do her internship under Mr. William McDonnell, Regional Director, Northeast Region Office of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. In addition to working closely with the Regional Director, her duties also included field word with the Emergency Response Team and electro-shock fish sampling. 

Christine Potts 
2002 graduate 
Professional I 
Earth Tech, Inc 
Trevose, PA

    Upon graduation from Scranton, Christine found employment with Earth Tech, Inc.  This firm specializes in environmental consulting and engineering.  Earth Tech is located in Trevose, PA just outside of Northeast Philadelphia. 
    Christine's responsibilities as a Professional I included: 
        1) Field monitoring of groundwater, surface water and soil 
        2) Site investigations 
        3) Data collection and compilation. 
While on the job, Christine completed the 40-hour OSHA Hazwoper Certification.  This has set the stage for further on-site training while in the field.

    In October 2004 Christine moved to Conestoga-Rovers & Assoc. (CRA) located in Exton, PA,  where she is involved with natural resource work, ecological risk assessments and threatened species surveys.

    During her Scranton years she was very active in ECO where she served as an officer in her senior year.  Christine was one of the spark plugs that kept ECO very active.  She, John Gray and Kristin Kaeser can be seen flipping burgers at an ECO picnic here.  She spent the summer of 2001 at the Southeast Regional Office of the Pennsylvania DEP in Conshohocken on her internship.  The field work that she performed included an assessment of the environmental and health compliance of auto body shops in the region.  Christine's constant smile and upbeat personality is appreciated by all. 

Francis Ramacciotti 
1998 graduate 
Senior Associate Risk Assessment
Princeton, NJ

After graduating from Scranton, Francis earned his Master in Environmental Management from Duke University's Nicolas School of the Environment.  He was enrolled in the Water and Air program at Duke.  His Master's Project dealt with modeling nitrogen flow in the Vadose zone of the Duke Forest.  Upon graduation from Duke in the fall of 2000 he began working as an Environmental Consultant for ENVIRON in Princeton, NJ.  At  ENVIRON he is an Associate in the Risk Assessment group, where his work includes performing human health and ecological risk assessments, Environmental Indicators determinations, and risk-based criteria calculation at facilities (mainly those under RCRA) throughout the midwest.

While at the University of Scranton, Francis performed an internship with the Minnesota Department of Environmental Protection where he was involved in a program to prevent the spread of non-native aquatic nuisance species.  Francis also was the manager of the Scranton Royals men's intercollegiate basketball team.

Francis is married and resides with his wife in the Philadelphia area.

Todd Reinhold
2000 graduate 
TRC Raviv Associate
Millburn, NJ  

   Directly after college Todd started working at WRS Infrastructure and environment where he learned the ropes by starting as a Field Technician Shoveling waste and running heavy equipment. I was then moved into the office where I conducted the technical oversight of the remediation projects. Todd then moved to Toxikon (Environmental Laboratory) in Bedford, MA as Chemical Analyst running a GC/MS.  He then went to work for Dan Raviv Associates were he is a Scientist conducting Ecological assessments. 

Ryan Smallcomb 
2000 graduate 
Industrial Hygiene
Consolidated Safety Services
Takoma Park, MD

    After leaving Scranton, Ryan took his time exploring options in the professional world.  After a few interviews he was presented with an excellent opportunity for a newly graduated environmental science student.  Ryan is took a position with a German owned company called PCI-WEDECO Environmental Technology.  The focus of Ryan's work dealt primarily with water purification using ozone as an oxidant instead of chlorine.  In addition, PCI-WEDECO Environmental Technology is a major player in employing UV light in water purification.  PCI-WEDECO has branch divisions all over the world and is the number one provider of ozone technology for use in water purification.

    Ryan's present position has taken him to the Washington, DC area where he works for Consolidated Safety Services in the area of industrial hygiene.   One of the contracts that his company is handling is the more than 100 buildings at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.  Ryan's current project is working with a diverse team in conjuction with an architectural and engineering firm to design a new building for the Space Science Directorate at Goddard.
     During his tenure at the University of Scranton, Ryan worked as an intern at the the Northeast Institute of Environmental Renewal in Mayfield, PA.  There, Ryan took part in the Institute's Chesapeake Bay Program by monitoring and assessing pollutants in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

    Ryan enjoys his new location in Maryland, but still visits Northeastern Pennsylvania frequently and connects with some of his old friends that have remained in the area. 

Matthew Stadler 
2000 graduate 
Graduate Student 
Chemistry Department, Carnegie Mellon University 
Pittsburgh, PA

    During the summer of 2000 Matt served an internship with Aventis-Pasteur in Swiftwater, PA in the biochemistry research department.  In the fall of 2000 Matt began graduate school in the Chemistry Department of Carnegie Mellon University toward his doctorate.  At CMU he joined Terry Collins' research group where they have been developing environmentally benign oxidation systems and exploring their chemistry and efficacy.  Matt's first publication, as second author, is currently undergoing the review process prior to acceptance.  He has been a teaching assistant since his first semester at CMU and has had the opportunity give a 2 lecture series introducing basic concepts of Green chemistry and Environmental chemistry to 
undergraduate chemistry majors at CMU.  Dr. Collins is recognized both nationally and internationally for his achievements in the field of green chemistry.  Dr. Collins won a prestigious Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 1999 for his TAML oxidant activators and has recently been awarded the title of Thomas Lord Professor of Chemistry.

    While at the University, Matt served as an officer of the Environmentally Concerned Organization (ECO) where his enthusiasm and unorthodox style were always appreciated.  Matt was a TA for the ecology lab which involves "in the field" (literally often in fields) experiments and projects.  He also participated in undergraduate research with Dr. Carey, conducting behavioral experiments on "Responses of Field Sparrow adults to threats of Brown-headed Cowbird parasitism at their nests."  Matt also aided Dr. Carey in DNA fingerprint analysis of parent-offspring relationships in Field Sparrows. 

    Matt was always the first one to dive in the cold waters of Lake Henry during the fall and spring ECO outings at Dr. Cann's house.  You can see his picture here.  He is in the second picture on the left hand side freezing with Paul Bechtel. 
Matt could was also known to liven up the ECO highway cleanups and camping expeditions.

Kathleen Williams 
1998 graduate 
Biological Technician 
Gateway National Recreation Area 
Jamaica Bay Institute 
Brooklyn, NY

  Kathleen's first job after graduating from Scranton was a seasonal (not to exceed 6 mo.) position as a Biological Technician for Gateway National Recreation Area, Jamaica Bay Unit.  Gateway was the first urban national park in the United States, created to bring the national park experience to the residents of the New York City area.  As a seasonal Bio-Tech her main 
responsibility was to monitor threatened and endangered species (e.g. piping plover, roseate tern, sea beach amiranth).  After her first 6 months she was kept on for another season as a park ranger.  In this position she helped to create the park's Jr. Ranger program and lead several environmental education programs for children and adults.

   In April 2000 she was offered a permanent position as a secretary.  Permanent positions are hard to come by in the National Park Service so she took the opportunity.  As a secretary she learned a lot about the administrative side of making a park work.  It was very valuable to learn how goals are set, programs are created and funds are appropriated.  It is quite the balancing act to try and meet visitors needs while continuing to protect the parks natural and cultural resources.

   With the reorganization of the Jamaica Bay Unit she was offered a permanent Biological Technician position in March 2002.  Her main responsibility was to lead the Unit's sustainability program.  The park has committed to "greening" the way they do their work.  Sustainability or greening basically means making sound decisions to meet the reasonable needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  She is currently leading projects that range from recycling and composting programs to developing plans to reduce our hazardous waste generation and training employees on how to work safely with hazardous chemicals.

   Recently, she was offered a position working with the newly formed Jamaica Bay Institute.  The Institute is one of 13 Learning Centers created throughout the Park Service to help increase the protection of the parks' natural resources.  The primary goals of the Institute are to expand and facilitate research in Jamaica Bay (which is loosing marsh at an alarming rate), to promote improved understanding and decision-making within Jamaica Bay, and to exemplify stewardship of Jamaica Bay by showcasing applications of sustainable principles within Gateway.  Although, her title has not officially changed, As of January, 2003 she has already begun work as the Institute's education specialist.  She will still be leading the Unit's sustainablity program but with also be working to increase the public's, including major decision-makers (e.g. politicians, land owners and city/state government agencies), knowledge of the issues affecting the park's resources.

   The park is always looking for educated volunteers and interns and is currently able to provide reasonably priced government housing.  If anyone is interested feel free to contact Kathleen.  Email is best.

    Kathleen and her fellow classmates were the first to graduate from the UofS with a degree in environmental science and she is glad to see everyone is doing so well and contributing in some way to the protection of our planet's vital resources.  She implores everyone to keep up the good work.  Kathleen also wrote: "I think Dr. Cann deserves some special thanks for his dedication to improving the world we live in.  You were a constant inspiration to my class and I am sure many classes to follow. 
Thank you."

   Kathleen is engaged to be married Sept. 19, 2003.

   Kathleen's association with Gateway National Recreation Area goes all the way back to her days at Scranton when she performed her internship at the Park.  Her internship experience involved educating individuals about threatened and endangered species of birds that inhabited the park and monitoring their habitats.  While at Scranton she was one of the first instigators of the Environmental Science Club (now called ECO) and organized our first field trip to participate in a beach cleanup at Gateway. 

Tom Zegler
2003 graduate 
Lab Technician 
Jackson Rancheria Water Treatment Lab
Jackson, CA

    Tom is employed in a water treatment plant of an Indian gaming facility called “Jackson Rancheria Casino and Hotel"  which is located just outside of Jackson, California.  Tom performs various daily tests upon treated wastewater and he is responsible for the environmental survey work of tribal lands.  Currently he spends half of his day in the lab running tests such as BOD, nitrate, coliform, suspended solids, etc. In the afternoon’s he is often “liberated” and spends his time surveying the environmental impact of casino expansion and water treatment on Miwuk Indian land.   

    He plans to pursue a Master's Degree in Wildlife or Fisheries Science beginning in 2005.

    Tom has also indicated he is trying his best to stop being a chemist (Tom loved organic as a student!).  Tom grudgingly admits “it pays well and need often forces us to make unpleasant career choices.”

    While at the University Tom could be continually heard praising the chemistry courses that he took (always wanting to take more of course).  Tom did his internship with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection under the Regional Director.  His efforts at DEP were praised highly by his supervisor and those who worked with him.  Tom could be found at many an ECO Club picnics jumping in the lake and doing his Tarzan imitation here.