To lead the transformation to and sustainability of a welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and equitable campus culture characterized by respect and support for all members of the University community.
The Council for Diversity and Inclusion examines the University’s needs and makes recommendations regarding inclusive and diverse approaches, programs, practices, activities and any other goals the Council believes are necessary to create an inclusive University for students, faculty and staff.

A Letter from former University President, Fr. Scott R. Pliarz, SJ

Click to read the full six (6) page letter to the Council.

Council for Diversity and Inclusion Bylaws

Mission Statement:
To lead the transformation to and sustainability of a welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and equitable campus culture characterized by respect and support for all members of the University community.

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Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

 All CDI meetings will take place on the first Friday of each month at noon via zoom until further notice.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes Listed by Date



Agenda 4/5/24
Agenda 3/1/24 Minutes 3/1/24
Agenda 2/2/24 Minutes 2/2/24
12/8/23 Meeting canceled. No quorum.
Agenda 11/10/23
Agenda 10/20/23 Minutes 10/20/23
Agenda 9/22/23 Minutes 9/22/23
Agenda 6/9/23 No quorum.
Agenda 5/12/23 Minutes 5/12/23
Agenda 4/14/23 Minutes 4/14/23
Agenda 3/3/23 Minutes 3/3/23
Agenda 2/3/23 Minutes 2/3/23
Agenda 12/12/22 Minutes 12/12/23
Agenda 11/15/22 Minutes 11/15/22
Agenda 11/4/22 No minutes due to lack of quorum.
Agenda 10/7/22 Minutes 10/7/22
Agenda 9/2/22 Minutes 9/2/22
Agenda 5/20/22 Minutes 5/20/22
Agenda 4/22/22 Minutes 4/22/22
Agenda 3/25/22 Minutes 3/25/22
Agenda 3/4/22 Minutes 3/4/22
Agenda 2/25/22 Meeting canceled due to weather.
Agenda 12/17/21
Agenda 11/19/21 Minutes 11/19/21
Agenda 10/15/21 Minutes 10/15/21
Agenda 10/8/21 Minutes 10/8/21
Agenda 9/17/21 Minutes 9/17/21
Agenda 6/28/21 Minutes 6/28/21
Agenda 5/7/21 Minutes 5/7/21
Agenda 4/9/21 Minutes 4/9/21
Agenda 3/26/21 Minutes 3/26/21
Agenda 3/12/21 Minutes 3/12/21
Agenda 2/5/21 Minutes 2/5/21
Agenda 12/4/20 Minutes 12/4/20
Agenda 11/6/20 Minutes 11/6/20
Agenda 10/2/20 Minutes 10/2/20
Agenda 9/2/20 Minutes 9/2/20
Agenda 8/20/20 Minutes 8/20/20
Agenda 7/28/20 Minutes 7/28/20
Agenda 7/9/20 Minutes 7/9/20
Agenda 6/19/20 Minutes 6/19/20
Agenda 6/9/20 Minutes 6/9/20
Agenda 5/14/20 Minutes 5/14/20
Agenda 4/15/20 Minutes 4/15/20
Agenda 4/6/20 Minutes 4/6/20
Agenda 3/31/20 Minutes 3/31/20
Agenda 3/4/20 Minutes 3/4/20
Agenda 11/21/19 Minutes 11/21/19
Agenda 10/31/19 Minutes 10/31/19
Agenda 9/27/19 Minutes 9/27/19
Agenda 8/22/19 Minutes 8/22/19
Agenda 8/8/19 Minutes 8/8/19
Agenda 7/22/19 Minutes 7/22/19
Agenda 6/25/19 Minutes 6/25/19

Council Members

Elizabeth M. Garcia, Chair
Executive Director
Ofc. of Equity & Diversity
Peter Andersen Ph.D.
Melissa Anyiwo iwith blonde braids in red dress.
Melissa Anyiwo, Ph.D.
Tyler Bauer
Area Coordinator
Residence Life
Benjamin Burman
S.A.F.E. Student Club
Victoria Castellanos, Ph.D.
College of Professional Studies
David Dzurec
Interim Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
Tara Fay
Shaefny Grays
Assistant Dean of Culture and Inclusion
Student Life
Meg Hambrose
Director of Corp. and Foundation Rel.
Hengameh Hosseni
Health Admin. and Human Resources
Ian O'Hara
Theresa Pham
Student Government
José Sanchéz
Assistant Director
Multicultural Center
Karla Shaffer
Student Government
Reka Shayka
Interim Director
Residence Life
Matthew Smith
Office of Student Support/Success

Educational Resources


  • Racism and Other Isms: Understanding Privilege, Power, and Oppression  Dr. Paul Datti, Professor and Director, Counseling and Human Services Program, presented to Student Government on October 17, 2020.  Dr. Datti discussed the origins of several forms of discrimination based upon characteristics, how they setup social inequity and privilege, and impact our personal and professional lives.

HEDS Survey Summary and Results

In the Fall 2020, the Provost’s Council for Diversity and Inclusion administered the HEDS Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey. The Survey asked students, faculty, staff, and administrators about their perceptions of the University’s climate and how the University supports diversity and equity, as well as their experiences with discrimination and harassment at the University. The Council administered the Survey to obtain a better understanding of the extent to which the campus climate supports diversity and equity, and to inform and improve support, policies, and practices at the University related to diversity and equity, including those to prevent or respond to discrimination and harassment.

In 2023, the Council again administered the Survey. We encourage you to review a copy of the most recent 2023 Campus Climate for Equity and Diversity at the University of Scranton: Narrative Summary now available to the University Community. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are University priorities and supported by our Catholic, Jesuit Mission and Values.

The 2020 report can be found here: Campus Climate for Equity and Diversity at the University of Scranton: Narrative Summary and Recommended Next Steps

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