Student Development Officers


....students on campus making a difference 

Like all institutions of higher learning, The University of Scranton relies on private philanthropy to meet the important priorities of higher education.  Gifts made to The University of Scranton provide critical operating revenue that ensures an outstanding Scranton experience for students living and learning on this campus. Donations support everything from scholarships, clubs and activities, to the technology and equipment that you can use on campus!

To help us meet our important goals, The University of Scranton's Student Development Officers contact alumni, parents and friends by phone to build and strengthen relationships, while asking for their support.

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Paid - $9.25/hr. pay bi-weekly


  • Build your resume: Develop strong communication, and fundraising skills.
  • Build your own schedule: choose which shifts you want to work biweekly.
  • Network: Converse with alumni in various professions all across the United States. You never know who you might speak to!
  • Ideal work hours: evenings with some day hours.


Great pay, prizes earned for meeting goals, pizza and employee events throughout the semester! 

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Must be able to speak the English Language in a very clear and understandable manner over the telephone.
  • Strong work ethic and attendance record
  • Flexible, dedicated, and results oriented 
  • Serve as an ambassador by establishing an open and engaging line of communication between Scranton and its supporters
  • Handle all forms of information with extreme confidentiality
  • Click here for more information!

Application Process

The hiring process consists of 2 interviews with each applicant: an intitial phone interview and if selected, an in-person interview. Each interview with include a mock call in which the applicant will follow the phonathon script. If selected for an interview, the applicant will be emailed the script as well as a more detailed description of the position.

For more information on the application process or the Student Development Officer position, please email us at or by calling 570.941.6251.


The Student Development Office is located at Room 406 in the Stanley Brown Hall, on the corner of Linden St. & Adams.

We raise money that is crucial to the lives of our students and faculty every day.

The University of Scranton Phonathon team contacts alumni, parents and friends by phone to build and strengthen important relationships, while inviting their philanthropic support for the University. These contributions are used to meet the University's most pressing needs; providing scholarship assistance, maintaining the beautiful campus, renovating and providing new student housing, science labs and classrooms and providing the resources needed to maintain a world class faculty. Gifts to the University help us maintain Scranton's commitment to social service, small student-to-faculty ratios, need-blind admissions, and tradition of academic excellence. 

Student Managers:                                              

  • Caroline '19
  • Kelsey '19
  • Anthony '20
  • Maureen '19
  • Cailyn '19
  • Cynthia '19
  • Megan '19
  • Stas '20


  • Kim '20
  • Alison '19
  • Natalie '19
  • Gianna '20
  • Phyllida '20
  • Carly '20
  • Deniya '20

Our November Caller of the Month was Jessica 19!

Jessica had the most credit card gifts of any individual caller with 8 total!