4-DAY Scranton Mini-Series

Alex was a prospective student thinking about coming to the University in Fall of 2015. Stay tuned and check your e-mails to hear how Alex's story unfolds. If we don't have your updated e-mail address, be sure to e-mail it to alumni@scranton.edu and tell us you'd like to be subscribed to receive our e-mails!

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  • Part 1 of 4: Alex's Story Begins Hereplus or minus

    If you tell your best friend's daughter about Scranton, she might decide to visit campus.

    Hi! I’m Alex, but my story really starts with Colleen.
    Colleen Neary is my mom’s best friend from high school. Colleen graduated from The University of Scranton in 1988 and had a great experience. When it came time for me to look at colleges, Colleen told me about Scranton. She mentioned the exceptional accounting program, the countless service opportunities, and the genuinely wonderful people I would meet. I decided to schedule a campus visit.
    What happened when I saw campus? Who did I meet?
    Read more tomorrow!

     Alex’s mom, Melanie (left), with Colleen Neary ’88 (right) in Redington Hall.

    Pictured above is Alex’s mom, Melanie (left), with Colleen Neary ’88 (right) in Redington Hall. Colleen was a sophomore and Redington Hall had just opened!

    About Colleen
    Colleen Neary, Esq. ’88 is a member of the Alumni Society Advisory Board and a President’s Circle donor. As a Scranton student, Colleen was a philosophy and political science major, and a member of the Special Jesuit Liberal Arts (SJLA) program.

    Save the Date to Meet Colleen at the SJLA Reunion: Saturday, April 23, 2016 (Details to Follow)

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  • Part 2 of 4: Alex meets Scrantonplus or minus

    It was time to visit Scranton.

    My mom and Colleen came with me. I saw the beautiful campus. I felt the welcoming sense of community. I even met with Pat Vaccaro, Director of the Center for Service and Social Justice, who told me about the FIRST Retreat (Freshmen Involved in Reflective Service Together). The service nature of the program sounded great. I immediately knew that given the opportunity, this retreat would be something I would love to be a part of.

    I was torn between two schools: Scranton, and another well-known private institution. Scranton had the five-year accounting master’s program I wanted and offered me an amazing scholarship, while the other school hardly offered any financial aid.

    I chose Scranton!

    Wait until you hear all of the things I’ve done after just one semester as a Royal.
    More tomorrow,
    Alex, Class of 2019

    Alex's acceptance letter.

    Making a Difference where it Makes a Difference
    The FIRST Retreat, the five-year accounting program, and a generous scholarship all convinced Alex to choose Scranton over another school. Did you know these things are all supported by the generosity of Royals like you? The Royal Fund provides support for scholarships and campus priorities, including everything from service to academic programming. If you make a gift, you can make quite a difference. Support The Royal Fund Today.

  • Part 3 of 4: Scranton meets Alexplus or minus

    Now I can fully introduce myself...  

    I’m Alex, Class of 2019, and I'm majoring in Accounting and International Business at The University of Scranton. (I love saying that!)

     Alex with the Blue Team on the FIRST Retreat.
    Me with the Blue Team on the FIRST Retreat.

    Alex's first day as a Royal
    Our first day as Royals!

    I lucked out. There was a spot for me on the FIRST Retreat, and that's how my first semester as a Scranton student began.

    Through my experience with FIRST, I was able to secure a work study job in the Center for Service and Social Justice, which has allowed me to further my commitment to service.

    For fun I got involved with the Mass Choir. I’ve always loved music, and working with Jayne Lucas, our director of liturgy and music, has made me love it even more.

    My favorite class was my Spanish class with Professor Jaime Meilán del Río. He taught the course entirely in Spanish, which was challenging at times, but a really great learning experience.

    It's never too early for career prep, either. Through the Society of Accounting Students I’ve already made great connections with companies. When I competed in the PricewaterhouseCoopers Challenge, I was paired with a Scranton grad who works at PwC—a mentoring experience I won’t forget.

    Colleen was right. Countless service opportunities, an amazing accounting program, wonderful faculty and staff—I feel completely at home when I’m at Scranton.

    I’m enjoying the winter break, but can’t wait to get back to campus on Sunday.
    I’ll fill you in tomorrow on what lies ahead for the spring semester.

     Serving, Giving, Caring: It's The Royal Way 
    Participating in the FIRST Retreat costs $150 per student. Other week-long domestic service trips can cost as much as $1,000 per student to cover travel, accommodations and food. In recent years, cost has prevented many Scranton students from volunteering, but your gift to the Center for Service and Social Justice can help. If you’d like to support a service opportunity for a Scranton student who is not able to cover the cost, click here and designate your gift to the Center for Service and Social Justice. 

  • Part 4 of 4: Alex is Forever Royal and Forever Gratefulplus or minus

    It's hard to believe classes start on Monday - winter break flew by!

    I'm taking 15 credits this semester, including a Theology 121 class with some of my dormmates. We live in the Cura Personalis Living Learning Community in Martin Hall, so our group activities focus on three pillars: service, justice and faith. Here we are together on a service project coordinated by our RA:

    Serving. Giving. Caring.

    I'm trying not to wish any of my Scranton days away, but I can't wait to travel to El Salvador right after this semester ends through the International Service Program (ISP). I've heard so many life-changing stories about ISP. Who knows, maybe next year I'll share mine with you. :)

    I've enjoyed reflecting on my first few months as a Royal. I hope my story has shown you (or reminded you) that The University of Scranton is an extraordinary place.
    While this is the end of our series, my Scranton story is just beginning.

    Thanks for reading!
    Forever Royal and Forever Grateful,
    Alex, Class of 2019

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