University Development

President's Circle: Young Alumni

Recent graduates are the future of philanthropic leadership for The University of Scranton. As a way of recognizing the important role you play in continuing our tradition of excellence, alumni of the last ten years will be welcomed into the President’s Circle with incremental gifts of $100 each year after graduation. The donation level is raised by $100 each year after graduation until your 10-year anniversary, upon which the membership amount is then $1,000 per year.

Class of 2015 $100 Class of 2010 $600
Class of 2014 $200 Class of 2009 $700
Class of 2013 $300 Class of 2008 $800
Class of 2012 $400 Class of 2007 $900
Class of 2011 $500 Class of 2006 $1,000

Make it Monthly!

Membership in the President’s Circle is based on the total amount received over the course of one fiscal year.* Rather than making your gift all at once, you can make your generosity more manageable with smaller monthly payments. Call the Office of Annual Giving at 570.941.7725 to make your monthly gift. Simply indicate the monthly amount you wish to contribute and your credit card or debit card will be charged automatically in that amount each month.

*The University of Scranton’s fiscal year runs June 1 – May 31.
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