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Every year, thousands of alumni, parents, employees, students and friends support The University of Scranton's mission with gifts of all different sizes. Each gift is greatly appreciated and has an immediate impact on the Scranton student experience. This year, we're going to make an incredible impact for Scranton students in one day. 


Join us on 5.06.15 as we aim to reach 506 donors. Whether you have already made a gift or have been meaning to, you can be a part of this monumental day by making a contribution in any amount, and telling your friends to do the same. 

We'll be thanking some of our donors throughout the day with special gifts. When you make a gift, post about it on social media using #GiveToScrantON506 to join the conversation and help spread the word! 

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Throughout the day on 5.06.15 be sure to check back here hourly to stay updated on our donor count progress to 506!

Scranton 506 FAQs

What is 5.06.15?

Scranton 506 is a one-day fundraising event on Wednesday, May, 6, 2015 that celebrates Scranton's remarkable history and supports its future. 

What areas do my gift support?

100% of your gift will go to the area(s) of The University you choose. Popular choices are The Royal Fund (area of greatest need) and The Royal Scholarship Fund for Current Year Scholarships.

Can I make a gift through the mail?

Of course. You can always make your gift through the mail. Remember to make a note with your gift letting us know it's for Scranton 506.                                                                                                         

Gifts can be mailed to:

The University of Scranton
PO Box 1385
Scranton, PA   18501-9903

Will my gift be tax deductible?

Yes, your entire gift is tax deductible. When you make your gift online, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and a tax receipt in the mail. When you make your gift over the phone or through the mail, we will send you your tax receipt.

Will you be a lucky donor?

Special Thank You Gifts

Throughout the day, we will be thanking some of our donors with special gifts. For example, our 8th donor will be recognized with a Scranton 506 t-shirt because 8 is the number of stories in the new Center for Rehabilitation Education, and our 66th donor will receive a special gift because 66 is the number of bachelor's degrees at The University of Scranton. There will be many more special gifts given out, so make sure to stay tuned throughout the day to find out if you are a lucky donor!

How can I help spread the word?


When you make your gift, post about it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to encourage your friends to give too! Use #GiveToScrantON506 to join the conversation and help spread the word. Also, please share our link with your online community:

Change your Facebook Pictures for the day

When you click on the links, simply right click and save them in order to upload them.

Click here to download a 506 Facebook profile photo

Click here to download a 506 Facebook cover photo

Put on your Purple Pride!

You might be surprised to learn who else is affiliated with Scranton in your everyday circles. Post pictures of your Scranton-themed outfit on social media using #GiveToScrantON506

506 on campus

Join the fun at Campus Headquarters!

Make sure to come to The DeNaples Center Patio between and 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for Ritas, snacks, prizes, music from Basement Unknown, Iggy, and much more! 

Contact us | 570-941-7725
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