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The FAQs below are intended to be helpful to all students. Additionally, students are encouraged to visit their college’s advising center website for any specific information pertaining to the college. 

·       College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

·       Kania School of Management (KSOM)

·       Panuska College of Professional Studies (PCPS)

Online course registration will proceed as scheduled. Students should consult virtually with their academic advisors prior to registration.

Yes, the CTLE will continue to provide academic support services to students during remote education. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have questions.

Tutoring: Individual tutoring will continue as scheduled beginning March 30.  Peer tutoring will meet virtually. For more information, visit CTLE’s virtual tutoring website.

Group tutoring: The CTLE intends to resume group tutoring as well using the same schedule in place prior to spring break.  For more information, visit CTLE’s virtual tutoring website.

Accommodations: Students with disabilities will continue to receive support through CTLE.  Students with testing accommodations should continue to request test taking support through the existing form, giving CTLE and the faculty prior notice. Notetakers will continue to provide notes, unless lectures are replaced with written content.

Each college dean will be working with faculty and students who are currently enrolled in labs, clinicals, internships and courses involving community-based learning.   Students should contact their faculty member or supervisor if they have questions about whether and how they will continue in these formats.
Yes, students continue to have access to as they did on campus for their academic software applications. In cases where temporary at home licenses are needed, IT is working with vendors to acquire these licenses. Faculty will communicate directly with students in their class relative to software needs and access.
The University has NOT yet decided to cancel Commencement Weekend events for May 30-31. Our ceremony is later than most schools, and we want to wait as long as possible before deciding whether or not conditions will require us to change our current plans. Similarly, we have not yet cancelled Senior Week Events during the week of May 25. The University will notify students and families of the status of Senior Week and Commencement Weekend no later than Monday, May 11.

At the same time, we believe it is important to have a contingency plan in place. For this reason, we have identified the weekend of October 24-25 as a fallback date should we need to change our plans for May.

We have already reserved the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza for a ceremony on either May 31 or October 25 and are grateful to the Arena for their flexibility. We encourage families to plan for both possibilities in terms of hotel arrangements.

Students who rented textbooks from The University of Scranton’s Bookstore received information via email outlining the process for returning textbooks at the conclusion of the semester. Note that the rental due date is May 22, 2020 though the bookstore has extended the non-return charge window by 15 days. There will be no charges to students’ collateral credit cards for non-returns or late returns until 15 days after the due date above.  The email included options to return books to the bookstore if they are open nearer to the rental due date as well as options to ship rentals by mail with a free FedEx shipping label in the event stores are closed. Learn more here. Students who have questions may contact the Bookstore Manager, Don Drasba

 Jeff Gingerich, Ph.D., Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, informed faculty and students that, after working with the Faculty Senate, a revised grading policy for “credit satisfactory/credit deficiency/no credit” will be in place for the rest of the spring semester. Over the next week, academic departments will consider which courses or programs will be eligible for this option. Because of accreditation or other important academic concerns, not all courses or programs will be eligible for this change. Students will be notified on April 9 of any courses that are not eligible. Between April 9 and May 1, interested students will be able to apply for a change to this system for eligible courses. Undergraduate revised grading policy.  Graduate revised grading policy.