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University Students Create Fun and Educational Science Videos for Kids

University Students Create Fun and Educational Science Videos for Kids
Magis Outreach students Molly Elkins, Sarah Liskowicz, and Jacob Myers discuss the chemistry of making bubbles!

University of Scranton Magis Honors Program students have worked to create a series of fun and educational science videos for kids. This series of videos covers interesting topics, from why the sky is blue and why leaves change colors to offering a virtual introduction to some of the animals living in the University’s Loyola Science Center. The video collection can be viewed here.

Guided by program director and biology faculty chairperson Dr. Janice Voltzow, Magis Honors students created these videos to keep connected with K-12 students and to and to offer insights into the field of STEM.  The Magis Honors Program in STEM is designed to provide undergraduate students with a more intense, interdisciplinary experience of research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In addition to focusing on the intellectual and technical skills needed to carry out and communicate original research, this program also aims to lay the foundations for Magis students to become socially responsible scientists and to engage with K-12 students in the Scranton community.

“With the challenges of the pandemic and remote learning, we sought new ways to reach out to local schools with interesting and fun exercises in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our Magis students put their collective, talented heads together and developed these videos. I continue to be so impressed with their dedication and creativity!” said Dr. Voltzow.

The Magis Science videos are the newest edition to a collection of K-12 virtual resources that The University's Office of Community Relations is working to compile and share as a resource for students during the pandemic.  This effort builds up The University of Scranton’s aim to continue serving as a community resource during this time of physical distancing.

Continue reading Royal News, here.

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