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Digital Journal Survey Results: We Hear You!

In the spring, we asked readers of our four digital issues of The Scranton Journal to fill out a survey that would help us improve the online magazine. We were thrilled to hear from more than 300 respondents about our more frequent issues, which we published online in order to conserve resources during the pandemic.

We continue to value your opinion, and want to give you the best stories and information to connect you to your alma mater. In the coming issues, we will consider all feedback to make sure our online magazine works for you!

Overall, 70 percent of 195 respondents were either very satisfied or satisfied with their experience with The Scranton Journal.

Here are some highlights from the survey.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents liked getting more frequent issues.


Most readers still prefer print, but here are some highlights about why people prefer each. In general, people enjoyed the digital version, but not in place of the print version.


Respondents were very interested in reading about Alumni Life and Activities. However, most of the respondents of this survey were alumni, not students, faculty, staff or friends.

Those very interested in alumni life and activities are most interested in Class Notes and hearing about alumni in their professions.


People are also interested in Campus Life.


Most respondents liked the layout on the Journal homepage.


Thanks for taking our survey. You will see some changes to our website and content in coming issues!

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