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Remembering Father Panuska: On Social Media

Spring 1998 Commencement Performance

After “Yesterday”—Lennon/McCartney
by Stephen Whittaker
Composed 18 May 1998

Yesterday, oh the real world seemed so far away.
Now it’s here; it’s graduation day.
O how I long for yesterday.
Why I have to go, I don’t know.
I’d love to stay.
I’ve been here so long,
Now I long for yesterday.

Suddenly, I remember how life used to be.
Papa Bear was watching over me.
Now this goodbye comes suddenly.

Why he has to go, I don’t know,
I wish he’d stay.
As we say so long,
Here’s a song for yesterday.

Yesterday, I took for granted Reverend Al, S.J.
Now my commencement’s his retirement day.
Oh we’ll remember yesterday,
And we will meet again someday.

A Selection of Remembrances

“It is well known and surely evident that Fr. Panuska built so much of the magnificent campus of The University of Scranton. Beyond what is visible, he was a passionate and caring leader who enhanced the lives of so many people who participated in the educational experience at this outstanding Catholic institution.” — Most Reverend Joseph C. Bambera, D.D., J.C.L., Bishop of Scranton (March 2017)

“He was a really rare combination because he was both a scientist and an artist, so he had this rare skill of seeing both what is and what could be. He had the gift to see both at the same time, and he had the grace to see that in people and things.” — Cheryl Boga, director of Performance Music (WNEP, March 2017)

"As a freshman living in Jefferson Hall, I met Fr. Panuska for the first time while he was walking through the dorm. He knocked on my door and introduced himself. He said 'I’m new here too. We’re both freshmen.' He certainly made a huge impact on The University of Scranton." — Ray Power ’86 (Linkedin)

"May Fr. Panuska rest in peace. A true ‘man for others’ who lived a tremendous life of service & leadership. #PapaBear #AMDG — Andrew Lovell ’96 This man was the reason I decided I was going to The University of Scranton! What an incredibly humble and compassionate man!" — Aimie Walker Shipley ’01 (Facebook)

"AJCU mourns former @univofscranton president, Fr. Joseph Panuska, SJ, who passed away in Philadelphia yesterday." — AJCU (Twitter)

"I am deeply saddened by this news. I was editor in chief of The Aquinas in 1983-84 and talked to Father Panuska often. He was an open, honest, friendly person, so easy to talk to and dedicated to the university and its students. He was a treasure. It was a privilege to attend the university during his tenure." — Tim O’Brien ’84 (Facebook)

"What a good and holy man. Fr. Panuska will be remembered for advancing the University both physically and spiritually during his time as president." — Joe Yale ’81(Facebook)

"He was a great man and an inspiration when I was there in the late 80s. He was always visible on campus and very approachable. Fr. Panuska put the U on the map and blazed the trail for the incredible school it has become today!" — John DiLullo ’90 (Linkedin)

Post your remembrances of Fr. Panuska on social media using #FrPanuska

Read the article about Father Panuska's legacy here.

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