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Remembering Father Panuska: Photos

Fr. Panuska with group at 2006 Reunion.
Father Panuska with Patricia and Edward Leahy ’68, H’01
Fr. Panuska with alumni at Reunion 2007.
Father Panuska helping break ground on one of many projects that was built during his tenure as president.
Fr. Panuska is second from left during a Mass for remembering victims of September 11.
Campus Ministries group after Fr. Panuska returned to the University.
Wynton Marsalis at the University of Scranton's undergraduate commencement ceremony, during which he received an honorary degree. Marsalis is pictured with Fr. Panuska.
Joseph M. McShane, S.J., new president of The University of Scranton in 1998 receives the mace from Fr. Panuska, outgoing president, at his inauguration in the John J. Long Center, Friday, October...
A time capsule is added behind the wall of an exterior pillar of the newly constructed Weinberg Memorial Library. Pictured, from left, are: Library director (now dean) Charles E. Kratz, Fr. Panuska...
Fr. Panuska poses the night of the University's Centennial Ball.
Father Panuska was a big supporter of the arts.
Ground breaking ceremony for Redington Hall, September 3, 1984.
Fr. Panuska remarks that he's now thinner than when he posed for the portrait that will hang in the building that houses the college named for him in September 1998. Photo Courtesy The...
Then-president Joseph A. Panuska, S.J. (left), with longtime dean of Admissions Bernard McIlhenny, S.J. (center), and Rev. William B. Hill, S.J., outside of Campion Hall.
Fr. Panuska on the roof of the Weinberg Memorial Library, which was built during his tenure.
Fr. Panuska at the launch event for The University of Scranton's Gateway to the Future campaign, which aimed to raise funds for the construction of a new library. The event was held on March...
Senator J. William Fulbright with his wife, Elizabeth, visiting with University of Scranton Professor Fr. Edward Gannon, S.J., and University president Rev. Joseph A. Panuska, S.J., during a...
The Rev. J.A. Panuska S.J., left, and The Rev. Joseph M. McShane S.J., both former presidents at The University of Scranton, enter Saint Peter's Cathedral for Msgr. Andrew J. McGowan's...
Palm Sunday, 2007, after his return to the University
Actor and playwright Jason Miller, a 1961 graduate of the University, is pictured playing basketball with Fr. Panuska.
Rev. J.A. Panuska, S.J., as he receives the University of Scranton's ceremonial mace at his presidential inauguration from departing President Rev. William J. Byron, S.J.
Fr. Panuska congratulating the honorary degree recipients during the 1985 University commencement ceremony. The honorary degree recipients were Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Thomas...
Fr. Panuska at orientation with the old Iggy.
The University of Scranton basketball team in 1988, serving as ushers for the University's Centennial Ball. The Royals had placed second in the NCAA Division III finals that season. The...

Read the article about Father Panuska's legacy here.

A special thank you to The Weinberg Memorial Library and The Scranton Times-Tribune for providing photographs.

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