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Robert Owens ’81 to David Noble
Kenneth Melewski ’90 to Vanica Eldridge
Kristen Loudenslager ’96 to Chuck Costello
Erin Jennings G’05 married Andrew Somers Cody on July 18, 2015, in Binghamton, New York. In attendance were: Kristi Klien, who works at the University, and her husband, Dave; Betty Rozelle of Scranton’s Career Services and her husband, Warren and Jaclyn (Fellman) Deem ’04 and her husband, Robert.
Erin Jennings G’05 to Andrew Cody
Russell Preno III ’05 to Laurie Donovan
Carrie Inkrott ’06 married Kevin Brewster on Sept. 5, 2015, in Philadelphia. Alumni in attendance included: Dayna (Steele) Tann ’06; Danielle (Tartaglia) Centalonza ’06; Lauren Gobbo ’06; David Ganley ’06; Matthew Casperson ’06; Ashley (Paxson) Hennessey ’06; Jessica Phillippy ’06; Chrissy (Cornwall) Casperson ’06; Polly Fino ’06; Matthew Joseph ’06; Megan (Murphy) Ambrose ’06; Michelle (Jastrzemski) Ganley ’06; Megan (Diamond) Duscher ’06; Lori (Sledziewski) Eckert ’06 and John Gownley ’06.
Carrie Inkrott ’06 to Kevin Brewster
Joseph P McGuire III ’06 married Christina A. D’Amato ’07. They had many Scranton alumni in attendance and in their wedding party.
Joseph McGuire ’06 to Christina D’Amato ’07
Amanda Szewczyk ’07 to Franco Forgione
Alexandra Mickler ’08 of Hoboken married Patrick Auth on Oct. 31, 2015.
Alexandra Mickler ’08 to Patrick Auth
Thomas Churilla, M.D. ’09 and Tara Gramigna, D.O. ’11 were married on The University of Scranton campus at Madonna Della Strada Chapel. They unexpectedly ran into a couple of students who asked if they and their a capella group could sing the newly married couple a song. They sang “Red is the Rose.” “Despite their busy schedules and pending finals week, they took time out of their study day to give us a gift that we will cherish forever. To these men: we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You reminded us of how incredibly proud we are to be University of Scranton alumni,” wrote Thomas and Tara in a recent note to The Scranton Journal. More from their note: "Tara and I spent the best years of our lives on The University of Scranton’s campus, so it was no surprise that we decided to return for our wedding. Father Timothy Cadigan celebrated a beautiful Mass at the Madonna della Strada Chapel. After photographs in the rose garden and outside the Estate, we proceeded to the Heritage Room of the Library where the staff graciously offered to open the balcony for more photos. As we were concluding, two young gentlemen approached and asked the photographer if they may ask the bride a question, 'Can we sing a song for you?' Tara and I looked to each other and shrugged, 'Sure,' although not quite sure what to expect. Minutes later, the young men returned with their a capella group who happened to be studying on the fifth floor for finals week. They sang a traditional Irish ballad, 'Red is the Rose,' as the Scranton city skyline illuminated with lightening bolts in the background. This experience embodied The University of Scranton culture and highlighted the Jesuit ideal of 'men and women for others.'"
Thomas Churilla, M.D. ’09 to Tara Gramigna, D.O. ’11
William Colona ’08 married Ashley Miller ’09. From left to right: G. Kyle Johnson ’08; Corey Henfling G’06; Christopher Jennings ’08; Jessica Martin ’09; Ashley Miller Colona ’09; William Colona ’08; Erin Nolan ’09; Jennifer Reed ’08; Joseph Yourkavitch ’08 and Kaitlyn Yourkavitch ’09, G’11.
William Colona ’08 to Ashley Miller ’09
Greg ’08 and Meghan Devlin’s wedding. Back row: John ’08 and Jess Angelo ’08, Ed ’08; Elaina Raum ’08; Tara Abdalla ’08; Cait ’08 and Sean Rose ’06. Middle row: Greg Kershaw ’08; Kevin Meyer ’08 and Jeff Blair ’08. Front row: Lindsay Webby ’08; Diana Sorbera ’08; Nicole Maccariello ’08; Kaitlin Besko ’08; Elyse Kluber ’08; Lynn Paz ’08; John Gownley ’06; Matt Cary ’08 and Eric Mallack ’08. Sitting on the couch: Greg ’08 and Meghan Devlin.
Greg Devlin ’08 to Meghan Driscoll
Caroline Crennan ’09 and Jonathan Perina ’09 were married on Aug. 8, 2015, in Westport, Connecticut.
Colleen Crennan ’09 to Jonathan Perina ’09
Kathleen Gruffi ’09 was married to Ben Baksic on July 18, 2015, in Pearl River, New York. Pictured (from left to right) are: Danielle Bruzzese ’09; Madelyn Vale ’09; Kathleen Baksic (Gruffi) ’09; William Sulzer ’92; Jessica Engler (Podolak) ’09; Amanda LaCorte ’09 and Elizabeth Gruffi ’06.
Kathleen Gruffi ’09 to Ben Baksic
Michael McDermott married Joan Miller on June 27, 2015, in Ambler, Pennsylvania. They were married at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church with a reception following at Talamore Country Club. Pictured here (from left to right) are: Michael McDermott ’71; Kate Clark ’10; Mary Desmaris ’10; Joan Miller McDermott ’10 and Michael McDermott ’10.
Joan Miller ’10 to Michael McDermott ’10
Jack Muldoon ’10 to Katie Rossi ’10
Kristina Smith ’10 and Thomas Kash ’10, who began dating their sophomore year, were married on Oct. 10, 2015, at Sacred Heart Church, in Monroe, New York. Several other alumni were present to celebrate including: Top row (left to right): Michael Guenther ’10; Tara Lynch ’10; Justin Lindenmayer ’10; Emily Riedel ’10 and Julie Gallagher ’10. Bottom row (left to right): Joe Williams ’11; Kevin DiGiulio ’10; Alexandra Valentino ’11; Nicholas DeBari ’10; Adam Finch ’10; Katie Ambrose ’10; Elizabeth Kane ’10; Brian Kelly ‘10; Erini Zakhra ’10; Nicole Hamm ’10; Jackie Busch ’10; Ashley Poon ‘10; Daniel Lutz ’11; Katie Bevacqua ’10; Annie Crosby ’10; Michael Kuncio ’10 and Nicole Cruciani ’10.
Kristina Smith ’10 to Thomas Kash ’10
Kayla Coady ‘12, G’13 married Justin Chirdon on July 25, 2015, in New Jersey. The
Kayla Coady ’12, G’13 to Justin Chirdon
Mary Steppacher ’13 to Anthony Jorgensen
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