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A Walk With the Martyrs: Lecture by Oscar Torres

Oscar Torres, screenwriter of "Innocent Voices" and director and producer of many other films, including "Bravetown," which comes out this year, gave a lecture as part of the week of 25th anniversary of commemorative events.

"In my last visit to my country of El Salvador, searching for a location to possibly shoot a film, we ran into a 13-year-old girl wearing her school uniform and an old backpack in the middle of her one-and-a-half hour trek from school. She travels a total of three hours a day by foot to get an education. This touched me deeply because I was in the presence of a great warrior - a warrior reaching ​out to the world through education. It is perhaps the single most important factor to give us all a chance as humanity. The University of Scranton SEED program understands this and I applaud their actions and congratulate them on 10 years of giving the children of my country a fighting chance. Life does not improve by chance but by change. I, for one, want to be part of that change," said Torres.

His lecture is below.

Read our feature article here.

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