Science Advisory Committee


The role of the advisory group is to articulate a vision for the science center which supports the program visions, and to communicate this vision to the architects.

Originally formed as the "Science Education Committee", this group of faculty and staff serves as the primary advisors for the design of the Unified Science Center.  Members of the committee have attended various PKAL workshops, spent countless studying pedagogy, and called upon their teaching expertise to elucidate a future of science education at our institution.  With the help of the architects, this committee served as the body that guided the design and development process for the Unified Science Center.

  • Dr. Yaodong Bi, Computing Sciences
  • Dr. Timothy Cannon, Psychology/Neuroscience
  • Dr. Christie Pugh Karpiak, Psychology/Neuroscience
  • Dr. David Rusak, Chemistry
  • James Devers, Assistant Vice President of Facilities Operations
  • Dr. Joseph Dreisbach, Chemistry/Interim Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Paul Fahey, Physics/Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Anthony Ferzola, Mathematics
  • Dr. Timothy Foley, Chemistry/BCMB/Neuroscience
  • Dr. George Gomez, Biology/BCMB/Neuroscience (Project Shepherd)
  • Dr. Michael Hardisky, Biology
  • Dr. David Marx, Chemistry
  • Ronald Skutnick, Director, Networking Resources
  • Edward Steinmetz, Vice President of Finance/Treasurer
  • Dr. Janice Voltzow, Biology
  • Dr. Robert Waldeck, Biology/Neuroscience
  • David Wilson, University Architect/Physical Plant
  • Dr. Christine Zakzewski, Physics