USC Building Floorplans

The floor plans presented here give an idea of the overall layout of the building, as well as some details about individual spaces. Please remember that the building is a work in progress, so nothing is final until it is, well, finalized. These are the most recent versions of plans that we have in our possesion.

Ground Floor - Vivarium, Materials Management, Anatomy and Physiology Lab, Field Suite

First Floor - Physics, Computing Sciences, Atrium and Coffee Shop

Second Floor - Biology Structure and Function, Neuroscience, Mathematics, Aquatics, Imaging, Administration

Third Floor - Biochemistry, Cell, and Molecular Biology, Mathematics

Fourth Floor - Chemistry

Roof - Greenhouse, View Deck

Also, take a look at 3-D cutaway views of the entire second floor, or the south section of the second floor to get an idea of the size and scale of the building.

On the plans, the rooms are color coded as follows:
Blue: Research Laboratories
Green: Teaching Laboratories
Yellow: Classrooms
Brown: Offices
Orange: Common spaces.  These common spaces are designed to provide a welcoming and comfortable space between and among faculty and students.  These "orange spaces" are perhaps one of the most exciting and welcome additions to our existing facility.
Note that there are many orange spaces scattered across the building.  These include spaces outside faculty offices (= "tutorial spaces"), outside the research laboratories (which research students can call "home"), at the ends of hallways (designed as informal gathering spaces), and a large "tea room" in the heart of the building.
Light Gray: Support/Equipment/Prep spaces for labs.
Dark Gray: bathrooms, elevators, shafts, etc.