Perhaps the most impressive addition to this building will be the creation of an atrium at the center of the building. As part of our design, we wanted to create spaces that would encourage casual interactions and create a social atmosphere that promotes a feeling of community. This atrium will be a welcoming, inviting open space wherein people can sit comfortably and feel at home in the science center. The nearby coffee shop will certainly be a popular attraction.

The atrium also presents an opportunity for creating public educational displays.

The atria from Hamilton College (left) and Franklin and Marshall College (right), both EYP-designed facilities

While the atrium can serve as a "home" for all occupants and visitors of the building, it can be reconfigured to accomodate special events. A sample from Swarthmore College (another EYP-designed project, below) shows how their atrium gets used for Student Research Day posters and displays

The illustrations below show the architect's renditions of our planned atrium space.

Left: a view from the second floor looking south into the atrium. Right: a view from the first floor looking north
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