Veterans Information


As a veteran of the U.S. armed forces, you may have earned educational benefits for yourself or your dependents. We are pleased that The University of Scranton falls within your plans, and we are proud to be of service to you and your family by participating in the Veterans Education Benefit and Yellow Ribbon Programs administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Getting Started at the University of Scranton:

The first step in enrolling at The University of Scranton is to apply for admission through the Admissions Office.

After you have been accepted and have confirmed that you will attend, you need to provide the following to the Financial Aid Office.

  1. Once and done:  You must submit a copy of your Veterans Letter of Eligibility to the Financial Aid Office.  You need only provide this at the onset of your enrollment and upon any changes to your eligibility status or VA chapter, as determined by the Veterans Administration.  Veterans or eligible dependents may contact the Veterans Administration directly at 1-888-442-4551 or via the internet at for your information.
  2. Every term: You need to complete the University's online Veterans Request for Certification Form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office prior to each semester or tern for which you wish to use your Veterans Education Benefits.  Submission of this form prompts the Financial Aid Office to certify to the VA that you are enrolled so that the VA may issue the benefits for which you are eligible. (The VA makes all determinations of your eligibility.  You must be registered for courses in the term before the Financial Aid Office can certify your enrollment.)

To access the Veterans Request for Certification Form:

  • Log into the University portal,
  • Click on the link under the University Links header.
  • Click Veterans Request for Certification Form under the Student Links header.

VA Support Services:

Please keep in mind that in addition to providing education benefits, the VA offers counseling, vocational rehabilitation and employment services, and tutorial assistance to eligible veterans and their dependents.  You are encouraged to work with the VA to maximize access to benefits and services.

You can reach the VA at

University Student Support Services:

The following services are available for all students at The University of Scranton:

Admissions Office
In nearly all cases, veterans are evaluated as transfer or adult students.  For further information, contact Debbie Lipinski at 570-941-4839 or

The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE), phone 570-941-4038

Provides tutoring, reading and writing help, reasonable accommodations for special needs, and other support services to all students. In order to receive appropriate accommodations, students with disabilities must register with the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence and provide relevant documentation. Students should contact Mary Ellen Pichiarello (Extension 4039) for an appointment. Located in St. Thomas Hall, 5th Floor.

Counseling Center, phone 570-941-7620
Free, confidential individual and group counseling for students about such things as: relationship and family issues, career decision making, misuse of alcohol and other drugs, stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement, and many other issues, as well. Located in O'Hara Hall, Room 606.

Student Veterans Organization
Provides a welcoming atmosphere to all military veterans through peer support, advocacy and community involvement.  Membership is open to all student veterans and interested members of the University Community. Email:
Academic Advising Centers
For help in choosing and scheduling classes, majors, etc., contact your Academic Advising Center:
College of Arts & Sciences – St. Thomas 309, 570-941-6323
Panuska College of Professional Studies – McGurrin Hall 101, 570-941-6390
Kania School of Management – Brennan Hall 206, 570-941-6100

Other Information You Should Know:

Military Leave Policy:
If a student is called or volunteers for active military duty while attending The University of Scranton, The University will do its best to protect the academic and financial interest of the student within the norms of good academic judgment.

The student must meet with the dean of his/her college and provide proof of being called to active duty. The dean, after conferring with the director of financial aid, the treasurer, the student’s current faculty, and the student, will decide the course of action. The dean will then process the necessary paperwork and place the student on military leave status.

If the student does not concur with the dean’s decision, the student may appeal to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The student is responsible for all room and board and related expenses incurred.

Deans must confer with the Financial Aid and Treasurer’s Offices before making decisions regarding refunds. Information about re-enrolling after completion of active duty can be obtained from your home college dean’s office.