Final Exam Schedule for Fall 2011

Policy regarding final examinations.

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[Finalized 14-SEP-2011]

DEC 13

Dec 14

DEC 15

DEC 16

DEC 17

Class Periods in Semester Block Schedule


8:00 - 10:00 am    

CHEM 112
CHEM 232

OT 140

TR 8:30

MWF 9:00

MWF 8:00


10:15 am-12:15 pm

TR 10:00

MWF 10:00

BIOL 110
BIOL 141

MWF 11:00

C/IL 102


12:45 - 2:45 pm

TR 2:30

MWF 12:00

TR 1:00

MWF 1:00

TR 11:30
COMM 100


3:00 - 5:00 pm

TR 4:00

MWF 2:00

ACC 361
CMPS 134
PSYC 221,490   
SPAN 101,211

MW  3:00
MWF 3:00



5:15 - 7:15 pm

T 4:30
T 5:00
TR 5:00

W 4:30
W 5:00
MW 5:00
MW 6:00

R 4:30
R 5:00
TR 6:00

M 4:30
M 5:00


7:30 - 9:30 pm

T 6:30
T 7:20
TR 7:30

W 6:30
W 7:20
MW 7:30

R 6:30
R 7:20

M 6:30
M 7:20


  1. Some multi-section day courses, such as C/IL 102, combine their exams into one test time. Locate these courses in a cell and read the grid the same as above.

  2. If a day lecture course meets one or two times a week, the exam is held on the date and time assigned for the corresponding MWF or TR classes.

  3. If a day lecture course meets four or five times a week, the exam is held on the date and time assigned for the corresponding MWF classes.

  4. For classes that normally meet at a time that is an exception to the standard block schedule: Find the meeting time with the next closest start time for that day of the week and follow the exam schedule for that meeting time.

  5. Except for multi-section exams, all classes meet for the exam in the same room assigned for the semester.

  6. Multi-section exams are for day sections of a course only. Rooms for these exams will be assigned by the Registrar, posted on the Registrar's web page ( ), and announced prior to the end of class by the department offering the course.

  7. The exam for each evening course (start time 4:30 p.m. or later) is held on a night that the class normally meets according to the above timetable.


The following policy has been established by the University of Scranton to allow students an option should they have three (3) or more final examinations scheduled on the same day, according to the official examination schedule issued by the Registrar's Office.

  1. When a student has three (3) or more examinations scheduled on the same day, it is the student's option whether to take all three examinations on the same day or to have one rescheduled.

  2. If the student wishes to have one of the three examinations rescheduled, the examination with the lowest priority will be rescheduled, based upon the following order of priority:

    • Major course - first priority;
    • Cognate course - second priority;
    • Elective course - third priority.
  3. Where a conflict exists between two courses of the same kind (eg., two cognates or two electives), the more senior professor - in terms of years of service at the University of Scranton - will have first priority.

  4. If the student wishes to reschedule an examination that meets the conditions defined above, he/she must advise the faculty member prior to the last week of class. If an appropriate resolution cannot be reached between the student and the faculty member, the student should contact his/her dean.

 Each cell on the grid identifies the date and time of a final exam according to the semester block schedule. Identify the day and time of your final exam by finding the regular meeting time of your class in a cell. Look at the column heading and row label of the cell for the day and time of the exam. For example, the cell at the intersection of column B, row 3 indicates that the exam for classes that normally meet MWF 12:00 will be held on Wednesday, Dec 14, at 12:45 pm.