Will T. Cohen, Ph.D.



Dr. Cohen joined the University’s department of Theology and Religious Studies in 2009. He earned his BA from Brown, his Masters of Divinity from St. Vladmir’s Orthodox Theological Seminar and his doctorate from the Catholic University of America.

In his relatively short time at the University, Will has demonstrated a commitment to interdisciplinary teaching and learning.   In spring 2012, Will teamed with Dr. Bob Spalletta of the physics/ee department to offer the junior seminar course in the Honors Program.  The course used texts and themes that take up questions of the relations between faith and the sciences.  More recently, in spring 2013, Will is teaching “Faith, Fiction and Poetry”, another Honors seminar, with Dr. Rebecca Beal of the English/Theatre department.

Beyond the classroom, Will has also engaged in the Clavius program’s seminars on Environmental Studies and another on “Love and Laughter”.   He has been tapped to be a guest lecturer in Declan Mulhall’s course “Energy and Society”. 

Will’s nominator emphasizes that Will’s efforts are fruitful because of his open and thoughtful approach to all subjects, colleagues and students that he engages.   He is “sharp-minded and instightful” so discussions which he joins always lead to something clearer and deeper. 

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