Peter Leininger, Ph.D.




This award honors a faculty member whose special efforts ensure that students have a keen understanding and appreciation of the realities of the world, including pressing justice issues in a local, national and global context.  The award recognizes the efforts of a faculty member dedicated to the service of faith and promotion of justice, as it relates to their teaching.  The awardee shall be one who continually, vigorously and increasingly integrates seminal issues of justice into their teaching, scholarship and service.  The award is a special recognition of the faculty member's efforts to ensure when students leave The University of Scranton, they will possess the awareness, competence, skills and insights to critically reflect on prevailing social, political, economic and cultural issues and, they will be able and willing to take action on behalf of justice.

The award this year is given to three faculty members of the Department of Physical Therapy: Dr. Peter Leininger, Assistant Professor, Chair of the Department of Phsycial Therapy; Dr. Renee Hakim, Professor, Program Director of Physical Therapy; and Dr. Jennifer Schwartz, Faculty Specialist. 

They are recognized for their outstanding work  with their graduate students to integrate mission and justice into the curriculum.  For the last two years, the Doctor of Physical Therapy Students received national recognition for outstanding service.  Twenty Doctor of Physical Therapy Students in last year's graduating class received membership into the Physical Therapy National Pro Bono Honor Society.  This is over 50 percent of the graduating class of DPT students.  This number is evidence of students championing professional core values such as altruism, compassion and social responsibility.  Drs. Leininger, Hakim and Schwartz volunteer to make pro bono in physical therapy happen each week in our own Leahy Clinic. 

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