Michael Allison., Ph.D.



Dr. Allison is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, where he is also the chairperson.   He also serves as the Director of the Education for Justice Program, as a member of the Latin American Studies Steering Committee and on the Executive Board for the Latin America and Women’s Studies Department.

Dr. Allison’s teaching, scholarship and much of his service focuses on conflict and resolution in Latin American.  His scholarship involves analyses of transition of insurgent groups to political parties and the elements that contribute to the potential for success of these transition.   This work has been published regularly.  His service includes acting as moderator for the Latino Student Association, and his collaboration with students was instrumental in the group being formed.  He led and coordinated the on-site functions for a Bridges to El Salvador trip, and helped plan the El Salvador-Martyers 20 program.  Much of Mike’s service involves his bringing a consistent flow of scholarly visitors to campus – often as part of the Education for Justice Program.   To the broader community, Dr. Allison’s professional expertise has been used by WYOU Interactive, the Scranton Times, the Christian Science Monitor, and Al Jazeera, CNN and the New York Times. On a more personal level, Mike has worked with immigration lawyers on asylum cases for clients from Central America.

Dr. Allison earned his BA in Politics from Fairfield Univerity and his MS and PhD from Florida State University.

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