Ismail Onat, Ph.D.



In light of the University’s goal of promoting faculty scholarship, the University is pleased to recognize the special efforts of faculty who strive for, and have attained, distinction in scholarship and creative activity. This year’s recipient is Dr. Ismail Onat.

Dr. Onat is an Associate Professor in the Criminal Justice and Criminology Department.  Dr. Onat joined the University in 2016, and has been a Lead Analyst in our Center for Analysis and the Prevention of Crime since 2017.

Dr. Onat’s work has been published in top-tiered, global, academic journals including Crime and Delinquency, and the Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism. In just the past year he has published four peer-reviewed papers.

As a result of the far-reaching nature of his work, Dr. Onat collaborates with researchers and colleagues from around the globe. In addition, his research and writing skills have translated into publications that are more accessible and impactful to our local community here in NEPA. Through his work with the University’s Center for the Analysis and Prevention of Crime, he has enhanced the technological and analytical capabilities of students, police officers and other criminal justice agencies in the community. This work includes five technical reports written for local criminal justice agencies and op-eds written on the disparate impact on crime and imprisonment of the marginalized.

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